Among reports filed with police:


McIntyre Court: A jilted beau could not stay away. He showed up at his ex’s apartment, knocking on the door after hours. He was not even allowed in the complex, the woman told police. The heartbreak kid was sitting out in front of her place when cops arrived to take him to jail, charging the 23-year-old with criminal trespass.

2401 Gloucester Street: A man was already told once by the cops to stop hitting up the Friendly Express customers for spare change and such. Well, he came back and started mooching again. The 49-year-old freeloader went to jail, charged with criminal trespass.

1101 Gloucester St.: A jerk smacked a woman in the face at The Well homeless day shelter. Police arrested the 24-year-old at took him the jail.

2801 Cook St.: The folks at Pinova called police to come deal with a woman who is always hanging out on the mill plant’s property. When the cops arrived, the vagabond woman made a run for it, going deeper inside the property. Police caught up to her and the 42-year-old went to jail, charged with criminal trespass and loitering and prowling.


County police made two arrests involving idiots with guns in a span of 10 hours. The first incident occurred round 6 in the evening on Watermelon Drive. A man there had been driving another guy’s truck for nearly two years. The guy’s mom showed up with another woman, demanding to know what gives. He did not take this rebuke lightly. Gunfire ensued. Police intervened and took the 24-year-old numbskull to jail, charged with reckless conduct and shooting a gun on a public street. In the wee hours of the next morning, some lamebrain shot up a mobile home on Harley Circle. The bullets somehow missed one guy as they passed through the walls of his room. He and another guy heard a loud engine and looked outside in time to see a green SUV hightailing it toward Old Jesup Road. Police later made an arrest in that shooting as well.

Would Hate to See the Other Guy

Golden Isles Parkway and Canal Road: Police responded to a report of a stabbing that occurred around midnight outside the Cheddars Scratch Kitchen. They found a man sprawled on the sidewalk next to Canal Road. The man was “bleeding from both legs and his left eye was swollen and cut.” The officer rendered medical attention until the paramedics arrived. Whatever his injuries, the 37-year-old man ended up in jail five hours later, charged with aggravated assault.

Shots Fired

Norwich and First streets: Reckless punks sprayed gunfire into vehicles and throughout a couple of neighborhoods during after hours. Residents near Norwich and First streets heard several gunshots and called police. Officers there found “several shell casings” in the intersection. Meanwhile, county police reported the same gun punks shot up a vehicle a couple of blocks away at Habersham and Townsend streets.

No Place Like Home

1400 block of Amherst Street: Someone spied a man snooping around a residence in broad daylight, casing the joint for weaknesses to get inside. Police responded. It was just the guy who lived there. He locked himself out and was trying to find a way in.

— Larry Hobbs

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