Among reports filed with police:


Altama Avenue and Fourth Street: A wackadoodle behind the wheel apparently was too busy racing off to his next car crash to wait around for the cops at the first wreck he caused. Police caught up to his vehicle shortly after noon, finding it up on the curve and “significantly damaged,” the report said. The teen claimed he was put there by two vehicles that smacked his vehicle. But police already were looking for him from an earlier crash that occurred at this very same intersection, for which he did not stick around. Police took the 17-year-old to jail, charged with hit and run, and ignoring his duty as a driver to remain on scene after a crash.

FlimFlammed by ‘The Man’

Wymberly on the Marsh: A man confided in a St. Simons Island woman that he was a “Drug Enforcement agent,” police said. He hated to have to break it to her, but some sleaze bag had used her social security number to open “multiple fraudulent accounts using her name,” the report said. Sadly, she would be held financially responsible, the “Drug Enforcement agent” said. However, if she could pony up $500, the savvy “Drug Enforcement agent” would fix the problem and return her money afterward. The woman apparently fell for it. Again, folks, this is not how law enforcement operates. If a cop, deputy, U.S. marshal, “Drug Enforcement agent” or any other alleged authority figure requests money up front, it is a scam. Call the real cops when that happens.

— Larry Hobbs

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