Among reports filed with police:


Johnston and P streets: A reckless renegade took a shot at a woman’s vehicle as she was driving after hours, piercing a rear window with a bullet. Another bullet shattered a window at her home. Police located several spent shells in the area. She was pretty sure the culprit was her sister’s ex-boyfriend. With that information, cops stopped a vehicle a short time later. Police found cocaine inside the car. A 21-year-old man went to jail for possession of dope, with warrant pending for the more serious gunplay charges.

2501 Perry Lane: A woman pulled a vehicle up to a gas pump and left it there. The store clerk asked her to move it, but she refused. It had been parked at the pump for an hour when the cops arrived. The vehicle apparently had been reported stolen. Police arrested a 38-year-old woman for theft by bringing stolen property across state lines.

2400 block of Albany Street: A 29-year-old woman was taken to jail, charged with cruelty to children.

300 F St.: A man had worn out his welcome at The Red Carpet, but insisted on remaining “Where the Ladies Are,” police reported. He was belligerent and combative toward officers, with predictable results. Police subdued and arrested the man.

7000 block of Savage Road: Police were called to a disruption at a home after midnight. A man was waiting outside when police arrived. The 29-year-old man went to jail, charged with simple battery.

257 Charlie Gibbs Way: A ruckus was brewing at Mudcat Charlie’s, out by the county line. Upon arrival, a “heavily intoxicated” man approached police and “was pleading with officers to arrest him,” police report. The 34-year-old Ludowici man went to jail, charged with public drunkenness.

— Larry Hobbs

1908 Cleburne Street: A brutish boyfriend snatched a set of vehicles keys from the hand of his girlfriend, leaving a “small laceration” on her hand. Police took the 42-year-old man to jail, charged with battery.

109 Scranton Connector: A man walks into the United Community Bank in the middle of the afternoon, trying to cash a bogus check. The teller was having none of it. Responding police hauled the 33-year-old man off to jail, charged with forgery.

F.J. Torras Causeway: A man drove his vehicle off the causeway and into the marsh. After fishing him out, police discovered the 58-year-old man was wanted on two outstanding arrest warrants. He went to jail.

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