Among reports filed with police:

First Degree Violation of Christmas Spirit

1400 block of Newcastle Street: A woman at a downtown public house became irate when someone unplugged her cellphone charger to plug in Christmas lights. “Female began stomping on the Christmas lights,” reported police. Whatever else she did, the woman landed in jail. Ba-humbug.


1100 block of J Street: A brute roughed up his wife when the two got into a ruckus, but he split before the cops got there. Upon his return, police took the 26-year-old man to jail for battery and willful obstruction of the law.

1800 block of Goodyear Avenue: A raging drunk made a public nuisance of himself, warranting police intervention. The 31-year-old testy tippler went to jail for disorderly conduct.

— Larry Hobbs

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