Among reports filed with police:


Ga. 99 and Chanslor Road: A carefree kook was pedaling his bicycle against traffic in the middle of the afternoon while concentrating on cellphone communications transpiring in a hand that a passing patrol officer thought might be better used holding onto a handle bar. Upon stopping the fellow to note the many safety breaches, the officer discovered the 24-year-old to be an outlaw. He went to jail for both a misdemeanor warrant and a felony warrant.

3875 U.S. Highway 17: The music was blaring as the sun set and the couple inside apparently intended to blast the neighbors with ear-splitting decibels on into the night. An officer had already cited them for loud music when yet another officer was summoned to deal with the rebellious racket. The officer was not well-received, but law and order prevailed this night. The 29-year-old irascible woman went to jail for two counts of willful obstruction of the law and disorderly conduct to boot, while her 33-year-old cantankerous partner was put in the pokey for maintaining a disorderly house. Indeed.

U.S. Highway 17 and Gloucester Street: A woman smacked her man around, prompting the battered boyfriend to file a grievance with the local constabulary. With the evidence of her assault plain to see, police took the 60-year-old gruffy girlfriend to jail for battery.

G and Wolfe streets: An officer stopped a sad sack for riding a bicycle without illumination after dark. Not only did he have a warrant for his arrest, the 45-year-old guy also was carrying dope.

1105 Fountain Lake Drive: This guy. First, he committed a traffic violation in front of a city cop after hours. Then he turned into The Cove apartments and kept creeping to the back of the parking lot when the officer’s flashing blue lights made it clear it was time for him to stop. Then he jumped out and took off running, at which point the officer gave chase and ran him down. The loose cannon kept up the resistance, which ultimately proved futile. On top of it all, the punk had a gun in his pocket and dope in his car. The 35-year-old went to jail for willful obstruction of the law, possession of dope and failure to maintain a lane.

Keith Drive: A silver CRV Honda that was flipped over in a roadside ditch at dark-thirty in the morning caught a concerned citizen’s attention — just enough to call the cops but not enough to stop. Responding officers found the vehicle lying “on its side with no one around it.” Eventually, the cops located the driver and, by extension, the circumstances that led a CRV Honda into a ditch. The 46-year-old woman went to jail for DUI.

2697 U.S. Highway 17: There was a rigamarole at the Sea Breeze Motel, prompting swift police response. Police discovered that a man roughed up his dad, resulting in the 28-year-old’s arrest for false imprisonment.

Sad Duty

5500 block of Frederica Road: A passing vehicle struck a deer after midnight, rendering it immobilized, suffering and dying. “Seeing the animal suffering,” a passing police officer used a service rifle to put the animal out of its misery.


2204 Hampton Road: A South Carolina man who is working locally arrived at his job site one morning to discover “three of his items” pilfered overnight from his vehicle in the Hampton Inn parking lot on the island.

Pyles Marsh Road: A bandit crept into a man’s backyard and absconded with the Stihl chainsaw that he left near a shed.


3200 Cypress Mill Road: A pair of hoodlums kicked in the door to an apartment then scuttled off to a pickup truck and sped away.

— Larry Hobbs

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