Among reports filed with police:


Legislative Drive: A man crashed a Dodge Durango into a telephone pole inside the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, just after midnight with three passengers in tow. The driver explained to the first responding officer that “mechanical issues” caused the SUV to crash. No, said another county cop whose specialty is detecting drunk drivers, that was not the reason. The crash happened because you, the driver, had too many drinks before getting behind the wheel, the cop explained. The 39-year-old went to jail, charged with DUI.


3000 block of Amherst Street: A guy showed up uninvited at a residence and conked another guy upside the head with a pistol. He also pointed the business end of the gun at the man and threatened to shoot. Both the victim and the antagonist were gone when police arrived. A report was taken.

Stolen pickup

2000 block of H Street: A man parked his 2000 blue Ford F-150 pickup truck outside of a residence for just a quick minute while he went inside. When came back out, that’s right. The truck was gone.

Shots Fired

3000 block of Amherst Street: Punks shot at a house in the wee hours. Responding officers reported “no one was hurt, but property damage had occurred.”

Terry Creek: Two neighbors got into it and one neighbor emphasized his point of contention by shooting a gun into the air. “Officers arrested the male and wrote him a citation,” police reported.

1000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard: Neighbors reported hearing five to six gunshots ring out into the night. Actually, it was closer to eight shots, say responding police, who found that number of spent shell casings in the area. Luckily, no person or property was struck by a stray bullet.

Auto Burglary

Mercer Altama Apartments: A man reported someone stole his Draco AK-47 semiautomatic rifle from his vehicle. Police responded and dusted for prints.

Stolen Vehicle

Camelia Apartments: A man let a woman spend that night at his apartment. The next morning his vehicle was missing. So was that woman.

Stolen Vehicle Recovered

1000 block of Johnston Street: A resident complained of a vehicle that was abandoned in the backyard lane in front of a vacant residence. Responding police discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen earlier. Officers dusted the car for the culprit’s fingerprints, then turned it over to the owner.

— Larry Hobbs

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