Among reports filed with police:

Sheep Escape

Cow Pen Creek Road and U.S. Highway 341: The long arm of the law had its tenacity tested by a sheep running wild out here in this rural county stretch. The free-roaming wooly rascal kept giving officers the slip, and numerous “attempts to wrangle the sheep were unsuccessful,” police reported. In an effort to protect the sheep as well as passing motorists, one officer resorted to his Taser, hoping to stun the sheep into submission. Nothing doing. “Due to the thick wool on the sheep, my (Taser) probes were not able to make good connection on the animal,” the officer reported. “The sheep ran away and I was unable to locate my Taser’s) probes or leads,” the officer reported. Police eventually devised a scheme to successfully subdue to fugitive and safely return it home.


1414 Newcastle St.: A customer was a little too tipsy for the rest of the gang at Tipsy’s downtown. The rascal refused to leave, even after last call. Then he “was belligerent and cursed at the officers” who insisted he leave, police reported. They arrested him, but the souse was in such a state that they took to the hospital for medical clearance instead of jail.

Interstate 95: Neighboring agencies had advised county cops to be on the lookout for a drunk driver in the late afternoon. A concerned citizen reported seeing the soused suspect “stumbling” while walking around at the I-95 rest stop. Cops later recognized the Honda CRV he as driving and took him to jail, charged with DUI and driving without a license.

Stafford Avenue and Chelsea Avenue: So, this woman gets popped red-handed by the cops, skulking around in someone else’s parked vehicle in the middle of the afternoon. The woman who owned the car cut the culprit a break, declining to press charges. As she was walking away, the guilty party continued to raise officer’s suspicions. The 34-year-old woman went to jail, charged with willful obstruction of the law and possession of dope.

DUI with Injury

2200 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard: A drunk crashed his car outside of a resident’s house after hours, mauling the vehicle and seriously injuring the driver. Police took him to the hospital for treatment. Arrest warrants await him upon release from the hospital.


First and Wolfe streets: Some jerk driver slammed into a woman’s parked vehicle, then managed to drive away. Responding police noted that the “victim’s vehicle sustained a great amount of damage” to the woman’s vehicle, police reported. Police are looking for the culprit.


200 block of Union Street: After a person discovered the family dog licking a wound that had popped up out of nowhere, the dog when to the veterinarian. After the vet discovered that the dog had, in fact, been shot with a BB gun, police responded to the vet’s office. Police gathered information and are looking for the lousy dog shooter.


11 Glynn Plaza: A woman tried to pull a fast one at the Walmart Neighborhood Market, pretending to scan items at the self-checkout line. Security nabbed the woman and held her for police. Store management only wanted the woman to leave. Police issued her a citation for shoplifting, a trespass warning and released her.


Brooklyn Homes: A woman’s vehicle was stolen outside of her residence, but she immediately reported it to police. City cops advised county cops to be on the lookout for the stolen vehicle. County officers located the vehicle, and it was returned to the owner. Cops are still looking for the car thief.

— Larry Hobbs

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