Among reports filed with police:


Redwood Street and U.S. Highway 17: An officer caught a whiff of pot wafting out the window as he approached a vehicle following a traffic stop on the night shift. The guy was doing more than smoking pot. The cop also found dope inside the vehicle. The dude went to jail for felony possession of narcotics.

Altama Avenue and Townsend Street: Another traffic stop in the city resulted in the discovery of still more dope. Police took the driver to jail for possession of narcotics. Another guy went to jail after police discovered he was wanted for arrest on an outstanding warrant.

Police Assist

1700 block of Gloucester Street: A woman called police because her son was behaving like a fool, recklessly pulling on the steering wheel as she was driving down the road and generally “acting out,” police reported. The cops tried to talk sense to the teen, but he was out of it and appeared to be doped up. The kid made a run for it and police gave chase, catching him nearby. He was taken to the hospital emergency room for observation.

Knives Out

Brooklyn Homes: A woman who was raring for a fight when a rival barged into the woman’s residence, brandishing a knife in each hand. She was gone when the cops got there, but police had put a warrant out for her arrest.


100 block of Frazier Street: A stranger parked a strange car behind a man’s residence. He called the cops. Police inspected the vehicle and determined that it had been stolen out of South Carolina. The cops in Beaufort asked our county cops to hold it to be towed back to its owner.

Shots Fired

Amherst and M streets: Several gunshots went off in this neighborhood after dark, and a concerned citizen called police. Several hooligans dressed in dark clothing pulled up to an empty lot here and one of the rapscallions fired into the air numerous times. Investigating police found nine spent shell casings in the area.


3200 block of Kelwin Avenue: Verbatim from city reports: “Caller reported that he saw two people stealing his neighbor’s vehicle. Officers contacted the neighbor and found that the vehicle was in fact stolen.”

— Larry Hobbs

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