Among reports filed with police:


1700 block of Wolfe Street: A lit fuse behind the wheel smacked a pole outside a woman’s home before ditching the car and making a run for it as the cops arrived. The troublemaker did not get far before being nabbed by police who gave chase. It turns out, the dude had smacked his vehicle into another vehicle before he struck the pole. Also, he was drunk the whole time. Police took him to jail for all of the above.

1300 block of Newcastle Street: A woman’s down-and-out sob story about needing some spare cash had already worn thin by the time police arrived to deal with it a second time in the city’s downtown district. The cops had “already given warning previously, so (the) female was arrested,” police reported.

5400 block of U.S. Highway 341: A drunk woman was driving around at 3 in the morning with two unrestrained children in the back seat. Following a traffic stop, the woman went to jail for DUI, and two counts of failure to properly restrain children under 8.

2400 block of Newcastle Street: A guy driving around in a van with a buddy struck something substantial, then drove away after hours. A witness was concerned enough to call the cops. Police found the wrecked van a short distance away, the driver and his buddy lounging outside of the vehicle. “The driver was arrested and the vehicle was towed,” police reported.

Newcastle and Mansfield streets: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation on the night shift. The driver was drunk. The driver went to jail.

440 Kings Way: A guy who had a few too many got all bent out of shape about something at the Mellow Mushroom. A responding officer took the man to jail, charged with public drunkenness and obstruction of the law.

Interstate 95: County cops stopped a driver at 1 in the morning on the interstate. The man was arrested for driving drunk on a suspended driver license.

— Larry Hobbs

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