Among reports filed with police:


Albany and I streets: A driver sped away when a county patrol officer tried to stop the vehicle for having a burned out taillight. The officer gave chase. The pursuit rolled down Albany Street, from George Street all the way to I Street, where the officer found a safe place to nudge the knucklehead’s vehicle. The driver spun into the median, upon which he was corralled and hauled off to jail.

Norwich and Second streets: An officer came across a man standing in the middle of the road, screaming and carrying on. The officer tried to talk some sense into the man, who escalated the tension by tossing his shirt aside and bowing up to the officer, hollering at him and assuming a “fighting stance.” This had predictable results. The officer jolted the goof with his Taser, then took him by the hospital emergency room for a look-see before taking him to the jailhouse.

Police Assist

1900 block of Gloucester Street: A group of homeless folks set up camp on the back porch of a business, leaving their dog tied to a nearby tree. This did not sit well with a concerned citizen, who called the cops. Police could not find the human equation of this conundrum, but the dog was right there like the caller said. Police called an animal control officer to look after the dog.

2000 block of Cleburne Street: A patrol officer spotted a couple of kids hanging out at Perry Park, skipping school. He had a talk with the boys, then called a county schools police officer to come deal with them.

— Larry Hobbs

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