Among reports filed with police:


1800 block of O Street: Two ladies entered into a salacious business agreement, the scope of which involved meeting a man at a motel room to exchange favors for money. Upon completion of the transaction, one woman wrecked the other woman’s car while driving to a home in this neighborhood. The car’s owner actually called police who, after sorting it all out, took the two young ladies to jail for prostitution.

1200 block of M Street: Police stopped a vehicle because it had an expired license plate. Surprise — the dude behind the wheel had an expired driver license to match. Bigger surprise — his passenger was wanted on an arrest warrant. And, of course, the cops found dope inside the car.

4705 Altama Ave.: Some teenage troublemakers started a fight with some guys who worked at the Sonic Drive-in. The kids were gone when police arrived, but an officer found a small bag of pot beside the restaurant’s dumpster. One of the employees fessed up to owning it. Police had to arrest him for misdemeanor possession.

1400 block of Newcastle St.: A person leaving a local restaurant and bar had no business behind the wheel, a fact that an employee pointed out to police after the drunk drove away. Police caught up to the driver, who went to jail for DUI.

2200 block of Wolfe Street: This one guy was three sheets to the wind, creating a fracas and trying to pick a fight with his sister and his older brother. The soused sibling would not calm down even when the cops got there. Police took the 25-year-old to jail, charged with disorderly conduct.

1200 block of Emanuel Church Road: A woman crashed her car in the middle of deluging thunderstorm. A police officer responded and determined she was going too fast and could not keep control of the vehicle. This was probably due to being drunk. The officer took the 38-year-old woman to jail, charged with driving too fast for conditions, failure to maintain a lane and DUI.

Glynnmarsh Drive and Glynnmarsh Circle: There was a crash at Altama Avenue and Altama Connector. One driver who was involved was parked at this location when police arrived. Police determined the man should not have been driving in the first place, taking the 29-year-old to jail for DUI and driving too fast for conditions.

Shots Fired

2300 block of Reynolds Street: A woman was sitting inside her home when gunfire erupted outside. She went outside to check, only to discover that two bullets struck her door and another popped the side of her house. Police recovered 9 mm shell casings from the scene.

2600 block of Reynolds Street: Folks in this neighborhood called police to report an abundance of gunfire. Police found a total of 28 bullet shells in a resident’s driveway. There were “no injuries and no property damage,” the police report said.

2900 block of West Park Avenue: Someone reported shots fired in the neighborhood. Police arrived and found bullet shells in the street.

2800 block of Albany Street: Someone reported shots fired in the neighborhood. Responding police found bullet shells in the street.


1919 U.S. Highway 17: Bandits busted a storefront window at a business in Lanier Plaza, broke inside and absconded with several cell phones. Security video captured the whole thing. Police are looking for the thieves.


2500 block of Ellis Street: A fight broke out in a house, and police arrived to find a poor guy battered and bleeding from the head. There was blood spattered on the wall inside, but the attacker was gone. EMS workers took the victim to the hospital emergency room. Police are investigating.

— Larry Hobbs

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