Among reports filed with police:


Community Road and Old Jesup Road: A man and a woman were riding together in the road on a bicycle built for one. The bike was “without front or rear reflector lights,” a report said. A patrol officer pulled them over, discovering afterward that the man was wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant.

150 Altama Connector: A thief who clearly does not read Crime Scene tried to steal something from the Walmart. He got caught by the security guard, of course. Police arrived and took the 31-year-old man to jail, charged with shoplifting.


1100 block of H Street: A punk kid was spouting off about how he wanted to fight with all the other kids at the city recreation center. The cops nipped that talk in the bud, consulting with a “Juvenile Authority” and then turning the youngster over to his adult guardian.

4800 block of Malabar Drive: A young lady was at a sleepover with a friend when she left the home without permission. Police found her and she was returned to the sleepover, where her mother arrived and took her back home.

210 Mall Blvd.: A security guard at Belk caught a young woman trying to sneak a couple of “toddler shirts” into a bag. She was underage so the store and the cops gave her break. She was told never to so much as set foot in this Belk store again, facing a criminal trespass charge if she did.

Catch of the Day

1500 block of Prince Street: Something fishy occurred at a home on this street, where thieves stole three fishing poles. However, police managed to reel in two of the three pilfered poles before quitting time. Those two poles were “returned to the owner just before the end of this shift,” police said.


Bladen Road: Thieves absconded with the 16-foot-long cattle gate at the entrance to a hunting club in western Glynn County. Again. This was the second time in a year thieves have swiped the club’s cattle gate, valued at $1,000.

150 Altama Connector: While a woman was shopping inside the Walmart, a thief stole “a gun, checkbook and her wallet” from her vehicle.

— Larry Hobbs

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