Among reports filed with police:

Dirty Pool

4420 Altama: A patrol officer spied a man and a woman inside Port City Billiards “after hours, drinking and having relations on one of the pool tables,” the report said. “Both subjects later got upset and started damaging property inside the bar.” No word on whether either were arrested.


11 Glynn Plaza: Verbatim from city police log: “Two females were seen by an officer fist fighting in a moving vehicle. Vehicle was stopped and both subjects were arrested.” Police took the women, 17 years old and 19 years old, to jail, charged with fighting.

2200 block of K Street: An irate sister began removing her sibling’s belongings from the residence they share, calling police as she went. Police arrived to explain that a person cannot just start throwing another person’s stuff out of a house, that there must first be an adherence to the eviction process. Meanwhile, the sister whose stuff was going out the door “became belligerent and began threatening violence” against her sister. After scrapping with the police who were arresting her, the 31-year-old rankled relative went to jail, charged with terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and obstruction of the law with violence.

Fourth Avenue and Fourth Street: A man caused a crash that resulted in injuries, then left the scene. Police caught up to him and took him to jail, charged with DUI. The man’s brother also went to jail, arrested “for DUI in another vehicle,” the report said.

150 Altama Connector: A man caused a ruckus at Walmart, then ran off. A store security guard called police with a description, which resulted in police stopping the surly suspect’s vehicle in the Golden Isles Plaza on Altama Avenue. The 26-year-old went to jail, charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of the law.

— Larry Hobbs

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