Among reports filed with police:


2000 block of Reynolds Street: A woman showed up at a man’s house looking for her daughter, whom she thought would be at his house. She was accompanied by some muscle, who beat the man up pretty bad, apparently in response to the daughter not being there. The victim called police. Police made a routine check on the man and discovered an outstanding warrant for his arrest. On top of that, police noted that the man suffered “a fractured facial bone” in the beating. He was arrested. Police had little to go on as far as identifying the man who beat him up.

Reynolds and K streets: Some guys were sitting in a vehicle that was parked in a driveway, smoking dope. Officers got a strong whiff of the dope and approached the vehicle. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed “various felony narcotics,” the report said. Police took a 31-year-old man to jail, charged with possession of cocaine, ecstasy and pot with intent to distribute.


Lodge Road: A sneaky thief poured the gas out of two marine fuel tanks inside a boat and replaced the liquid with water. At least the boat owner figured it out before further damage could be done.


1600 block of Union Street: A man kept calling and calling, telling police that homeless people were breaking into a house and that at least one them is violent. He can hear the homeless people talking, the man told police. Police asked a few standard questions just to make sure he was playing with a full deck, and “subject was able to answer all the questions,” the report said. But the officer noted that the man had “roped off his residence with fish hooks hanging five to six feet from the ground.”

— Larry Hobbs

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