Among reports filed with police:


4545 Altama Ave.: All the guy had to do was listen to the manager at the McDonald’s and leave. But no, he continued to hang around the fast food joint and pester folks. So the manager called police, who discovered the trouble maker also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Now he is in jail.

1900 block of Lee Street: A man and a woman engaged in a physical altercation, each getting enough licks in on the other to convince police that both were culpable. The 45-year-old man and the 28-year-old woman both went to jail, charged with battery.

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and I Street: Police stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation, and the driver immediately bolted from the vehicle after stopping. An officer gave chase, and ran him down at J and Wolfe streets. Police gave him a break and only charged him with three traffic violations, for which he went to jail.

Hoop Dreams

3200 block of Brailsford Avenue: A woman was trying to get some sleep, but there was a kid outside dribbling a basketball and shooting hoops. The pounding of the basketball kept her awake, she told police. Heck, she knocked his goal post down twice, but the kid just put it back up and kept on bouncing that basketball, she said. “Officers arrived and mediated the situation,” the report said.


1505 Gloucester Street: A man was taking $500 out of the ATM at Wells Fargo when he was distracted by his daughter crying from inside his parked car. He went to check on her, just as the money was sliding out of the machine. Along came a woman, who took the cash and his card. Police are investigating.


2000 block of Sixth Street: A Pizza Hut delivery man thought it strange that there no lights on at the home where a pizza was ordered. When he went to the door, he was robbed.

— Larry Hobbs

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