Among reports filed with police:


K and Lee streets: Police stopped a man for a traffic violation. The man lied to police about who he was. Maybe it was because of the felony arrest warrant associated to his real name. Police took him to jail on the warrant and various other warrants.

1500 block of Amherst Street: Someone saw a man smashing a window at a residence and called police. When police arrived, the guy swallowed some dope to avoid arrest. It did not work. After taking him to the hospital for the dope he swallowed, police took him to jail.

Altama Connector: Police spotted a vehicle that had been reported stolen and conducted a traffic stop. The woman driving it went to jail on an outstanding arrest warrant.

150 Altama Connector: Security guards at the Walmart caught a woman stealing $31.15 worth of stuff. Police arrived and took her to jail.


4575 Altama Ave.: Two swindlers pulled a gift card flimflam to the tune of $1,500 at the Walgreens. The two guys brought gift cards to the cashier, as if they were going to purchase them. Then one guy distracted the cashier while the other crook somehow activated the gift cards. “The subjects reportedly were able to steal $1,500 worth of cards,” the report said.

25 Torras Drive: A man walked into the Parker’s convenience store. He walked back out with two cases of beer and wine.

Police Assist

2000 block of Tillman Avenue: A man and a woman share a house, but nothing else. They cannot stop bickering. One accused the other of using “provoking language and stealing the other’s Kleenex and food,” the report said.

— Larry Hobbs

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