Among reports filed with police:


211 Palisade Drive: Police responding to an assault at the Super 8 arrived to find an SUV in the ditch out in front the motel. The woman behind the wheel told police she was doing fine on the road, but then the jerk in the passenger seat socked her in the mouth. In fact, the woman did have a bloody lip. She also was intoxicated. The SUV’s registration had expired. Police took the 38-year-old woman to jail, charged with DUI, failure to maintain a lane and driving a suspended vehicle. No word on the scumbag who punched her.

500 block of G Street: A thief swiped 100 checks from a business. The business owner learned that the man had been trying to cash forged checks all over the city. When police caught up to the scallawag, he was carrying several other pilfered items. Police took the 54-year-old to jail, charged with third degree forgery and felony theft.

403 Butler Drive: Back in January, a woman loaned her 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe to an ex coworker. Four months later, she was till trying to retrieve the truck. Finally, the woman in possession of the truck told her this week she would leave it in the Coastal Inn parking lot. Police met the truck-driving woman at the motel, taking the thoughtless 37-year-old to jail on charges of felony theft and theft by conversion.

4230 U.S. Highway 17: A man had already been warned by police to stay away from the Friendly Express. The knucklehead returned again, refusing to leave when an employee requested he do so. Police took the 27-year-old to jail, charged with criminal trespass and lying to police about his identity.

150 Altama Connector: Security guards at the Walmart caught a woman stealing. Police arrived and took the 46-year-old shoplifter to jail.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True

200 block of Mansfield Street: A swindler conned his way into a Brunswick resident’s bank account, taking all the money therein. The con artist called and convinced the victim that he wanted to deposit money into the victim’s bank account. The victim was then supposed to withdraw that money, keep some of it for the time and trouble, and turn the rest over to the caller. What could possibly go wrong? Police said this scheme “later led to the offender draining the entire account.”

Police Assist

Glynnvilla Apartments: A woman contacted police because she had not been able to reach her mother for two days. Police went to the woman’s apartment and discovered she was incapacitated upstairs and in need of medical assistance. The 60-year-old was transferred by ambulance to the hospital.

— Larry Hobbs

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