Today, Glynn County’s finance committee is expected to discuss a $785,000 shortfall caused by a budgeting mistake.

The shortfall was caused by $1.65 million in lease revenue being included in budgets for both the fiscal year 2018 and the fiscal year 2019, according to a memo to the committee from county finance manager Judy Dunnagan.

The memo states that $1.65 million in revenue was collected during the fiscal year 2018, which ended on June 30, 2018, and used to balance the 2018 budget.

However, the revenue was collected after the fiscal year 2019 budget had been approved. The 2019 budget included $1.65 million in projects to be paid for with the same lease revenue, according to the memo.

The memo lists where the money went: $568,557 went to the veterans memorial park construction, which is partially funded by Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax 2016; $66,514 went to renovations in the Glynn County Tax Commissioner’s office; and $150,000 went to construct new pickleball courts for a total of $785,071.

“As (the) finance (department) was consulted for the capital projects fund balance during (the fiscal year 2019), it appeared there was just enough fund balance for approval of the projects listed above,” according to the memo. “However since the revenue came in short due to the budget error, we really did not have enough fund balance for the above approvals once revenues and expenditure totals were calculated and carryforwards were completed for (the fiscal year 2019).”

A “carryforward” is a term commonly used by the county’s personnel for an expenditure that was budgeted in one fiscal year but was not actually made in that fiscal year and is carried forward into the next one.

In the memo, Dunnagan recommends the county pull from its general fund to cover the shortfall, as revenues exceeded expenditures by $16 million in the fiscal year 2019.

Alternatively, she suggests finding cuts in the current fiscal year 2020 budget.

Also on the agenda:

· A request from the Glynn County Police Department to trade 56 firearms — including three 37mm launchers, 30 Remington 870 shotguns, 10 Mossberg 590 shotguns, 10 Heckler & Koch UMP 45 submachine guns and a German MP 40 submachine gun — and 10 fire attachments for 22 Sig Sauer patrol rifles valued at just under $30,000.

· A $1 million grant with the Georgia Department of Transportation with a $300,000 local match for road maintenance and repair.

· A $130,000 contract with Tyler Technologies for purchase and installation of 38 time clocks.

The meeting is scheduled for today at 2 p.m. in the Harold Pate Building, 1725 Reynolds St. in Brunswick.

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