How hot is it in South Georgia?

A disagreement last Saturday afternoon between an apartment complex’s official pool monitor and a man who lived there led to heated words, scalding threats and a drawn pistol, according to a Glynn County Police report. It was the Camelia Apartment’s pool monitor who was allegedly packing heat, punctuating the armed stance by vowing, “I’m going to air you out!” police said.

And that invective was not considered an offer to provide relief from Saturday’s blistering 98 degree temperatures, police said.

Fortunately, a cooler head prevailed. Off duty Brunswick Police Capt. Angela Smith witnessed the showdown and stepped in to disarm the pool monitor of the 9 mm handgun, the county police report said.

County police arrested Kim Allah Smith Jr., 42, and charged him with making terroristic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Smith remained Thursday in the Glynn County Detention Center without bond, according to jail records. Smith and Brunswick’s Capt. Smith are not related.

The manager of the Camelia Apartments at 5800 Altama Ave. confirmed Thursday that Kim Smith and his wife were the resident pool monitors for the complex. “They were pool monitors,” Ina Chumley said, emphasizing the past tense. “We never condone any kind of hostile actions like this.”

It started during the heat of the day Saturday when the man and his daughter went to the apartment’s pool to cool off, the police report said. Some of the daughter’s friends joined them. Smith allegedly took issue with their presence, saying the party’s total exceeded the number of guests an apartment resident is permitted to invite to the pool, the report said.

The man told police that Smith began “cursing in front of (his) kids,” the report said. The man, his daughter and their guests left. But the man thought better of it later and wanted to discuss what happened with Smith, the report said. He asked a woman at the pool if she had seen the pool monitor. The woman was Smith’s wife, although the man did not know it at the time.

He returned to his apartment unit, having failed to find Smith. Later, the police report alleges, Smith confronted the man outside of his unit. The man told police that Smith “pulled a gun out, pulled the slide back, and pointed it” at him, the report said. That is when “Captain Smith came outside and seized the gun from” Kim Smith, the report said. Capt. Smith then called county police at 7:40 p.m. and “asked for officers to respond quickly,” the report said.

Police said Kim Smith admitted pulling the gun out of its holster and holding it in his right hand during the heated exchange, but denied pointing it at the man or threatening him. Capt. Smith told police she heard Smith say he was “going to air him out,” the report said.

Police seized the Taurus PT 809 9 mm pistol. Before taking him to jail, a criminal background check revealed Smith had been convicted of felony armed robbery in New York in 1995, the report said.

A long-time member of the Brunswick Police Department, Capt. Smith was just glad she could help simmer things down.

“I just wanted to intervene and make sure no one was hurt,” she told The News on Thursday.

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