Realtors have been struggling to meet the demand for housing in the Golden Isles since the coronavirus pandemic struck last year.

Homes in all price ranges continue to sell quickly if properly priced, regardless of location.

The available inventory of houses in the Golden Isles is getting ready to increase by as many as 142 when construction of the first house begins in a new development called Grace Crossing.

The development surrounds a lake in the middle of Carriage Gate Plantation off Harry Driggers Road.

Gary Wadsten, a company spokesman, said the infrastructure has already been completed, including a community swimming pool and pavilion.

“Construction will start next month,” he said. “We think it’s great timing right now.”

Carriage Gate Plantation is a relatively young development, with the oldest house around 15 years old, Wadsten said.

Allie Moxley, director of marketing for Moxley Homes, said vertical construction will begin next month with plans to have the first houses occupied by late summer.

Moxley said the decision to start construction in an uncertain economy was driven by the strong demand for real estate in the Golden Isles.

“It’s booming right now,” she said. “We anticipate a lot of pre-sales.”

It will take about four months to build a house once construction begins, she said.

The Moxley Home website,, includes a variety of floor plans which will enable buyers to customize their homes, including tiles, paint colors and other features before it is built.

Many of the building materials and features for every house are what would be considered upgrades in a normal new-construction home, she said.

It won’t turn the Golden Isles into a buyer’s market, but it will help meet the demand for houses in what local real estate brokers consider the affordable price range, which is up to $350,000. The houses will sell in the price range of the mid to upper $200,000s to the low to mid $300,000s, Moxley said.

Construction will be done in phases, with some of it driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Moxley said the cost of some building supplies such as lumber has increased and it takes longer to get some supplies.

Elaine Culler-Marlatt, president of the Golden Isles Association of Realtors, met with Moxley Homes representatives and said she is excited to see more houses being built.

“We need more inventory,” she said. “Everything we put on the market goes strong.”

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