Glynn County commissioners presented a tentative list of projects Tuesday they want to spend Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax 2021 revenue on should a proposed tax referendum pass.

Glynn County and Brunswick commissioners are mostly in agreement on putting the tax on a referendum in March.

The tax would raise an estimated $68.5 million over a three-year period with Glynn County, the city, Jekyll Island Authority and Brunswick-Glynn County Joint Water and Sewer Commission benefitting from the proceeds. Under the proposed split, the county would get $37.5 million; the city, $13.23 million; JWSC, $15 million; and the JIA, $2.75 million.

At a work session on Tuesday, commissioners discussed the 32 projects on their wishlist. An obvious problem with the proposals is that the total, $44.65 million, exceeds the $37.5 million take from the tax.

Glynn County Commission Chairman Wayne Neal said the county will have to drop some projects to get within its budget.

“I want to reiterate, this is a study sheet,” Neal said. “This is not a final draft. It’s not our final proposal. It’s open for discussion.”

Some of the projects on the county’s list generated more discussion than others, including proposals to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Frederica and Sea Island roads on St. Simons Island; an overhaul of the island’s gateway at the intersection of Sea Island and Demere roads; a courthouse space assessment, schematics and construction documents; implementation of a Coast Guard Beach Park Master Plan; and major upgrades to Blythe Island Regional Park and North Glynn Recreation Complex.

Glynn County Commissioner Cap Fendig, who represents St. Simons Island, said the roundabout is going to be a necessity. The cost of the project was estimated at $6 million.

At-large Glynn County Commissioner David O’Quinn noted that alleviating traffic at the intersection would require more than just a roundabout. It also must incude improvements on both roads.

The courthouse project goes back to a SPLOST 2020 proposal, which commissioners dropped in favor of doing more homework when it came to light they had not discussed the matter much with the sheriff or court officials.

At North Glynn, the county proposes to use SPLOST money to construct batting cages, replace outdoor lights and for a lot of other small things to improve the park and bring it up to tournament specifications, said Recreation and Parks Director Lisa Gurganus.

Glynn County proposal:

• Blythe Island Regional Park expansion, $1.5 million

• North Glynn Recreational Park improvements, $1 million

• North Glynn Industrial Complex, $2.5 million

• Sea Island Causeway turn lanes and egress, $1 million

• Sea Island/Frederica intersection improvements, $6 million

• St. Simons Island Gateway study and design, $1.5 million

• Pier Village drainage project phase 2, $1 million

• Brunswick Golden Isles Airport compass calibration pad, $500,000

• Courthouse needs assessment, design development and construction documents, $2 million

• Old Jesup Road and Canal Road intersection improvements, $2 million

• Selden Park improvements. $500,000

• Perry Lane Road box culvert, $1 million

• McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport safety and drainage improvements, $800,000

• Glynco Parkway four-lane widening design, engineering and right of way, $1.5 million

• Glynco Parkway/Canal Road phase 2, $2.5 million

• Fire station replacement at Brunswick Golden Isles Airport, $3.5 million

• Coast Guard Beach Park Master Plan implementation, $1.5 million

• Boykin Ridge cut-through, $450,000

• Street signs (no estimate)

• Broadband access expansion, $2 million

• Harry Driggers Boulevard and U.S. 17 intersection improvements (no estimate)

• St. Simons Island bike path and sidewalk signs (no estimate)

• Relocate data center to E911 Center, $3 million

• Downtown Brunswick waterfront study and design (no estimate)

• I-95 gateway improvements, $1.5 million

• U.S. 82 and U.S. 341 gateway signs, $400,000

• Somersby Pointe drainage, $1.5 million

• General roadway resurfacing, $3 million

• Rise Risley upgrade (no estimate)

• Sidewalk paving and repaving, $2 million

• Altamaha Regional Park improvements, $250,000

• Neptune Park improvements, $250,000

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