The state Department of Natural Resources’ Coastal Resources Division announced Friday plans for a commercial food shrimp cast-net lottery for this year.

For the past 20 years, what’s called a controlled-access system for commercial food shrimp netting’s been in place, with an annual limit of 200 licenses. It won’t be known how many new licenses are up for this year until the license renewal deadline passes June 1.

To be part of the lottery, people need to complete and submit an application to CRD no later than 4 pm. on June 6. Applications are available at, and from the DNR’s Coastal Regional Headquarters at One Conservation Way in Brunswick. Only one application per person is allowed.

Successful applicants will receive notice through certified mail and must purchase their license no later than 4 p.m. on June 28. Unclaimed licenses will go to the next randomly drawn people in the lottery.

The fee for a commercial food shrimp cast-net license for Georgia residents is $250, and $2,500 for non-residents, plus the vessel license fee.

For more information, contact Julie Califf at CRD at 912-264-7218.

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