Christina's Dance World

Christina’s Dance World will present its “Come Alive” production show Sunday at the Ritz Theater. Tickets to the dress rehearsal Saturday are also available.

Students at Christina’s Dance World on St. Simons Island learn more than dance.

Christina Godwin, the studio’s owner, creates an environment in which students of all ages also learn about self love and individual expression.

Her students, who range in age from toddlers to senior citizens, will come together this weekend to perform “Come Alive,” a production show that draws in part from “The Greatest Showman.”

“Our studio, we focus on progress not perfection,” Godwin said. “And we teach everybody to be kind to the kid within. We teach self love and God’s love, mainly.”

The studio performs a show annually at the historic Ritz Theater in downtown Brunswick. This year’s show will take place Sunday at 2:30 p.m. and at 6:30 p.m. The 2:30 p.m. show has sold out.

This year, though — for the first time — tickets can be purchased for the dress rehearsal that will be held Saturday at 5:30 p.m.

“Every year, after our shows, two or three of our clients always come up to me and say, ‘The dress rehearsal was so good, you could sell tickets to the dress rehearsal,’” Godwin said. “So we are.”

The dress rehearsal will be the first run-through of the show when the cast is in full costume.

“You kind of get a behind-the-scenes feel from it,” Godwin said.

The Broadway-style show includes all clients and teachers at Christina’s Dance World, as well as local talent. The studio offers multiple kinds of classes, including tap, ballet, pointe, jazz and hip hop. The show runs one hour and 15 minutes, without intermission.

“It’s a really high-energy, family-friendly, entertaining — very entertaining — production,” Godwin said.

The cast, made up of nearly 130 members, is diverse. Four mothers will be dancing in the show with their children, and a grandmother of two students will tap dance. Other performers include school teachers, real estate agents and local business leaders.

The show includes four dances from “The Greatest Showman” as well as other numbers.

“Our production shows are always variety shows, so we incorporate other popular songs along with a few from ‘The Greatest Showman,’” Godwin said.

The cast has been preparing for the show for months. Godwin creates the production, and she incorporates her students’ skills into the choreography.

“If we have tumblers and gymnasts, then I’ll create some scenes around them so they have that opportunity,” she said. “We have a stilt walker that’s going to be coming in.”

The bearded lady will also make an appearance, and everyone’s costumes will be unique, Godwin said.

Godwin opened Christina’s Dance World in 1999, and she drew on her long dance career to create the unique curriculum. She said she’s happiest when creating production shows like this one, and she encouraged community members to come see the results of her students’ hard work.

“I love to show off good talent, so it’s my opportunity to show them off and let them perform,” she said.

She hopes the show sparks joy for all who attend and that it reminds audience members to proudly use their own talents.

“We sometimes forget that we have been given a talent. Sometimes we don’t use it enough,” she said. “… And if we can all tap into our talent and utilize it … that always brings us joy and happiness.”

Tickets for the show can be purchased online at Godwin suggested to purchase tickets online, as the show is often sold out at the door.

The “Come Alive” production will spotlight not only the students’ talents, Godwin said, but will also incorporate the curriculum taught at the dance studio.

“We like to encourage and build each other up, and having dance as a tool to do that is awesome,” Godwin said. “We also teach our children to ‘be present, be humble and be kind’ — to be careful with our words so that we bring our peers light rather than darkness.”

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