Brunswick 2018 city taxes were due in November, but they are still generating questions by residents.

In response, the city has issued a press release explaining the property tax bills. City officials said it’s unclear if the questions still being fielded by city employees are from residents with overdue bills.

City commissioners approved a millage rate of 13.219 mills before the bills were sent last year, which is the same as the 2017 rate. That part of the bill was larger only for properties that were reassessed at a higher value than the previous year.

Late payments are assessed at a rate of .075 percent. The bill must be paid in full and partial payments are not allowed.

The bill also included the solid waste removal fee, which is paid annually in one lump sum rather than a monthly bill charged by some municipalities in the region. Residential customers who pay for solid waste pickup had $266.40 added to their bill.

New this year was an annual stormwater utility fee of $47.40 for homes of any size.

The fee will be used to complete an estimated $17.8 million in drainage projects, as well as maintaining and upgrading the city’s stormwater capacity.

The stormwater utility fee for commercial, industrial and multi-family housing units will be assessed on the square footage of surfaces impermeable to water such as roofs, driveways and parking lots. Property owners can calculate the fee by calculating the amount of impermeable surfaces and dividing by 2,200 — the equivalent of one residential unit, or ERU. The fee for each ERU is $3.95 a month. The monthly rate is then multiplied by 12 to calculate the yearly rate.

One distinction about the stormwater fee is it’s not only for those paying annual city property taxes. Churches, schools and other normally tax-exempt properties will also be assessed the fee, which is not considered a tax.

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