A motion to defer Mayor Cornell Harvey’s request to discuss hiring a company for a comprehensive cost analysis of a proposed convention center in Brunswick didn’t get much support initially.

City Commissioner Johnny Cason made a motion at the beginning of Wednesday’s meeting to defer the mayor’s request for a $35,000 study to break down the costs of the proposed Oglethorpe Convention Center. Commissioner Julie Martin seconded the motion.

Before the vote, Harvey made it clear he didn’t support Cason’s motion.

“It is my item, and I don’t want to defer it,” Harvey said.

Commissioners Vincent Williams and Felicia Harris joined Harvey in the 3-2 vote to reject Cason’s motion.

Nearly four hours later, after a 45-minute executive session, the mayor and all the commissioners voted unanimously in deferring a vote for the study.

Harvey said in hindsight the county did the city a favor when it refused to extend the deadline to start construction of the convention center on Newcastle Street another two years.

“I think they did us a favor by doing this,” he said.

Harvey said it appears city/county relations are strained despite the city’s efforts to work with the county on its projects. Harvey said he is “getting ready to take the gloves off” with the county.

City officials discussed a proposed tire ordinance to deal with the unlawful storage, selling, handling or dumping of used scrap tires but no vote was taken.

The city also approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Joint Water & Sewer Commission for a $160,000 odor control program at the Academy Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project, which would try to deal with the odor problem without masking the smell, will be paid through SPLOST 5 funds.

In other business, commissioners approved funding for the construction of a walking route for Glynn Middle School, including a pedestrian bridge. They also approved a 10-foot wide walking trail that will run 2,600 feet off U.S. 17 from 3rd Street to Prince Street.

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