City purchases background truck

Brunswick City Commissioners voted Monday to purchase a vacuum truck to use on the city’s stormwater drainage system.

The truck will be used to remove water from the drainage system when it backs up, disposing of it in another location. Brunswick will pay for the truck in five annual installments of $73,934 along with a 0.75 percent annual rental fee until it’s paid off.

City commissioners approved the purchase 5-0.

Prior to the commission meeting, the city’s finance committee held a meeting to discuss awarding $7,824 from its stabilization grant to a landowner renovating a building on Gloucester Street.

City Planning and Codes Director Bren Daiss said the owner will be putting $180,000 into the building to renovate four residential units.

The committee recommended the city commission approve the award.

The city’s next regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Old City Hall, 1229 Newcastle St. in Brunswick.

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