Christina Godwin, owner of Christina’s Dance World on St. Simons, is creating videos to help community members exercise and stay entertained while at home during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The global coronavirus outbreak is forcing many to spend most of their time at home, waiting anxiously for the pandemic’s end.

Many in the community have found ways, though, to reach people in their homes through digital programming or video streams. Christina Godwin, owner of Christina’s Dance World on St. Simons, is among those trying to serve community members by offering an outlet during these difficult times.

Godwin’s dance studio offers programming for all ages, and she’s adapted to the health crisis and to her studio’s temporary closure by creating Facebook Live videos with 30-minute workouts and other kinds of inspirational programming.

“What I’ve been inspired to do during this time is make videos for my students, and I decided to take a route that I know how to do,” she said.

Her goal is to stimulate mental, physical and spiritual wellness with videos that are also posted on her YouTube channel, “Christina’s Big Day,” where her students and others can enjoy the videos at their own convenience.

Godwin said these videos can serve everyone, including parents trying to entertain young children and retired community members seeking a way to exercise.

Godwin said she knows how taxing new schedules are with students homeschooling and parents working from home.

Her videos include devotions, etiquette tips for children, dance and fitness activities, nature days and conversations while cooking.

“Each day the curriculum is a little different,” she said.

Godwin encourages people to subscribe to the YouTube channel “Christina’s Big Day” and to share the videos.

“My heart wants to help stimulate mental, physical and spiritual wellness,” Godwin said. “… I know how important movement is, especially now. It doesn’t have to be perfect dancing, as long as you’re moving to music. That just sparks so much joy.”

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