WOODBINE — Nine months after the stabbing death of Taylor Justin Williams, a Camden County grand jury has issued an indictment in the case.

Troy Grandorf was charged with misdemeanor tampering with evidence for hiding a knife used in the altercation that left Williams dead. The grand jury refused to return indictments for felony involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor involuntary manslaughter.

The lengthy delay for the case to be presented before a grand jury for possible charges was due to a long wait for an autopsy report and crime scene photos, according to prosecutors.

Nicole Williams, mother of the 26-year-old victim, said her 26-year-old son, an Army veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, was stabbed 12 times during the altercation. Williams, in a phone interview Friday, expressed frustration in the length of time to charge anyone as responsible for her son’s death, considering everyone believed to have witnessed the Aug. 14 altercation was accounted for by investigators.

“At the time, I was flabbergasted,” she said. “Nothing makes sense to me.”

Williams said she recently flew from her Connecticut home to Georgia to meet with investigators and prosecutors, and learned there were problems identifying who stabbed her son and another person stabbed multiple times during the incident.

“My son was dead, I was in anguish, and it felt like no one wanted to help,” she said. “In fact, it felt like just the opposite. I watched as my son’s murder was seemingly being swept under the rug.”

Williams said witnesses have told her Grandorf was not the one who stabbed her son and another man multiple times during the altercation. Grandorf is only charged with hiding a knife used in the stabbings, she said.

“They decided not to indict him, or anyone else, with manslaughter, just a misdemeanor for hiding the weapon,” she said. “That’s it. Nine months and that’s it.”

Williams, a nurse, said prosecutors could not answer how 12 stab wounds in her son’s back wasn’t considered excessive force.

“You’re stabbing through tissue, organs and bone,” she said. “At that point, you’re out of control. That is a sociopath.”

Williams said she plans to pursue a civil case to get justice, since she believes investigators failed to follow leads that could have led to murder charges.

“I stand with my entire family when I tell you, friends, the fight is not over,” she said. “It will be harder, more complicated, and more costly, but I vowed to Taylor that I would get justice for him and I will absolutely fulfill my promise.”

Assistant district attorney Rocky Bridges declined comment, saying he could not talk about a pending case.

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