St. Marys Waterfront

People assess the damage at the St. Marys waterfront after Hurricane Irma Tuesday.

ST. MARYS — Camden County residents are being allowed to return to their homes, but they are being discouraged from doing so because the county is still under a mandatory evacuation order.

St. Marys Mayor John Morrissey said Wednesday the concerns go beyond the fallen trees, downed power lines, closed businesses and widespread outages throughout the city.

“We are still very much in distress,” he said.

The city’s sewer capacity is running, but it is nearing its limit and Morrissey said a mass return of evacuees could result in a system failure. City officials are asking residents in town to limit the amount of waste they add to the system.

Officials in Kingsland have similar concerns.

Morrissey said Georgia Power crews are going neighborhood to neighborhood restoring electricity, but it may take until Saturday afternoon before service returns citywide.

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