The movie spotlight will shine again in Camden County in mid-January when filming for the short movie, "The Prisoner," begins in the Woodbine area.

The movie will be directed by award-winning Iranian filmmaker Mahmoud Shoolizadeh, who won the Best Film award for the fiction film "Noora" in the 49th International Film Festival in Taormina, Italy, in 2003.

Shoolizadeh has been a director in Iranian television for 25 years and has directed numerous documentaries, short films and movies. He has also acted in leading roles in movies.

"The Prisoner" is about a man scheduled for execution in a matter of days. In the brief time he has left, he tries to find someone to look out for his elderly mother, who is in poor health.

The prisoner asks a former inmate who he protected in jail to check on his mother from time to time. The question viewers will learn is whether the former inmate remembers his debt to the prisoner, who saved his life when they were behind bars together.

"The Prisoner" will be the latest movie to be filmed in Camden County since the Coastal Georgia Film Alliance was created three years ago. The alliance attempts to lure movie makers to Camden county by touting the state tax breaks given to producers who film in Georgia.

Film alliance members take producers to scout locations, help with the permitting process and find materials for film crews after they arrive. Alliance members also help film makers find affordable accommodations, meals and provide other tasks as needed.

They must be doing something right. Since the film alliance was created, it has attracted three full-length feature films, two TV pilots and two TV series.

Most recently, "Love Town USA," the latest production by Oprah Winfrey, was filmed in St. Marys. The USA Network show "Royal Pains" was also filmed in Camden and Glynn counties.

Film alliance members say they are excited about the growing reputation of the region as a film-friendly location.

"The Coastal Georgia Film Alliance works hard all year 'round to bring productions of all sizes to Southeast Georgia," said Doug Vaught, chairman of the alliance. "In addition to the immediate economic impact realized by film crews patronizing our businesses and hiring local residents, we get the added benefit of residual tourism interest. People love to come to locales where movies have been filmed."

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