Harsil Patel, a fourth-grader at C.B. Greer Elementary School, won the County Spelling Bee held Monday night at Brunswick High School.

Thirteen Glynn County students showed an abundance of talent Monday night on the County Spelling Bee stage.

Held at Brunswick High School, the spelling bee featured some of the best spellers from local elementary and middle schools. This year’s bee lasted six rounds, and C.B. Greer Elementary School’s Harsil Patel, a fourth-grader, claimed the victory.

Before the spelling bee began, John Williams, director of campus ministries for the Gathering Place, provided some inspirational words for the students.

Events like the spelling bee encourage students to expand their vocabularies, he said, and that process creates better communicators and more well-rounded individuals.

“I just want to say to the students — this is a program that we’ve got to kind of encourage them and challenge them to learn words … but this is not the end all,” Williams said. “This is something that we do to kind of catapult us to a different place in life, intellectually.”

Williams encouraged the students to keep seeking out and learning new words, even after the spelling bee.

“Open up a dictionary and learn what those words mean,” he said. “And lastly — read. Read. Continue to read…. It opens up a whole world to you.”

A non-elimination vocabulary round preceded the spelling bee, requiring the students to correctly identify a word based on its definition. The participants excelled in that round.

The first round of the spelling portion of the competition included words like “proof,” “stark” and “burlap.” The difficulty of the words increased in each round. By round five, the students were spelling words like “archives” and “palindrome.”

In the sixth and final round, the winner Harsil Patel earned the title of county spelling bee champion when he correctly spelled the words “lacrosse” and “abundance.”

Patel will go on to represent Glynn County at the district level.

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