Isles’ Hans Trupp getting back into real estate business

Hans Trupp, CCIM founder and former chairman of Trupp Hodnett Enterprises and The Management Company prior to taking the companies public (RZT NYSE) in an IPO in 1998, has re-entered the real estate business locally through an affiliation with eXp realty.

eXp is a cloud based, agent owned publicly traded (expi NASDAQ) company with more than 19,000 agents in all 50 states, Canada, and several other countries. This Internet based high technology company aims to revolutionize the real estate industry both with relationships of buyers and sellers and the relationship that sales people have with the company. Trend magazine has described eXp as the Amazon of real estate.

Exp realty offers a very unique agent attraction program and Hans has partnered up with veteran Atlanta broker John Adams in order to inform and educate agents throughout the United States about eXp, the fastest growing real estate company in the nation.

Adams is well known throughout Georgia for his educational activities on behalf of the Georgia Real Estate Commission, and his regular appearances on Fox 5 Atlanta and CNN. He continues to be a freelance journalist with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, with more than 1000 articles in print.

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