Traffic travels onto and off St. Simons Island via the F.J. Torras Causeway earlier this year. A recent study found that the 31520 zip code in Brunswick has one of the best commute times in the state.

If you live in Brunswick, it took less time to drive to work today than it will take you and your spouse to agree on what to watch tonight on Netflix — or, roughly, 17 1/2 minutes.

That is the estimated average daily commute for workers in Brunswick, specifically the 31520 zip code, according to figures released Monday from the U.S. Census Bureau.

And that time is smooth enough to place Brunswick at No. 5 on the census bureau’s rankings of best commute times in all of Georgia.

Sure, it is no Mt. Berry, the college community outside of Rome where folks zip to work in an average of just under nine minutes. But Brunswick Mayor Cornell Harvey will take it. He said the census bureau’s estimates ring true and speak to the quality of life factors that make Brunswick an attractive place to live and work.

“I think that’s great — it just shows that even though we have a lot of cars on the road, you don’t have to plan ahead or leave early to get to work,” Harvey said. “We don’t have the gridlock like the larger cities, or cities on the outskirts of big cities.”

True enough, a hodgepodge of bedroom communities occupied by Metropolitan Atlanta worker drones fill out the top five longest commutes in Georgia.

Decatur and little Lithonia (pop. 1,924) in Dekalb County are tied for worst commutes in Georgia, with an average daily commute of 38.9 minutes. Those two communities are followed closely by the Atlanta burbs of Grayson (38.7 minutes), Stone Mountain and Snellville (both 38.4 minutes).

Also ahead of Brunswick in the state’s quickest commutes are Fort Stewart (13.8 minutes) just north of here, Columbus (16.8 minutes) and Macon (17.5 minutes).

St. Simons Island’s 31522 zip code is not included in the rankings, probably because the time it takes to reach anywhere from Frederica Road north of Sea Island Road would skewer the findings.

However, greater Glynn County’s 31525 zip code barely cracks the top 20, ranking No. 18 in the state’s quickest commutes with an average daily trip of just over 19 minutes.

Christy Trowbridge, executive assistant with Keep Golden Isles Beautiful, thinks the census bureau got the commute times wrong in both local zip codes.

Trowbridge’s drive from her home just north of Canal Crossing Road in Glynn County to the KGIB headquarters at Old Town Hall in downtown Brunswick are a daily breeze, she said.

“Goodness no, I don’t spend that much time on the road,” Trowbridge said. “I have a great commute, it’s nothing. The people I speak with know what it could be like (Metropolitan Atlanta). And the Golden Isles is a beautiful place to drive.”

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