A welfare check led to the arrest of a Brunswick woman Tuesday.

City police arrested Kyah Melissa Aldridge, 48, charging her with 15 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals in connection with a house on Stonewall Street where more than 20 cats were living in inhumane conditions.

According to a police incident report, officers “located numerous felines in the residence that have been neglected and (in) horrible living conditions” while conducting a welfare check Monday of the two-story white clapboard house at 2004 Stonewall St.

Glynn County Animal Control officers responding to the scene Monday said around 16 cats escaped when police breached a broken window at the rear of the house to get inside.

County property records list Harry Aldridge as the owner of the residential lot.

Police “noticed a foul smell and flies on the windows, as well as three-week-old dated mail in the mailbox,” according to the incident report.

Hill said the situation was perhaps the worst she has seen in her 35 years working in animal welfare.

She said most of the cats appeared to be malnourished and likely had respiratory issues.

Five kittens were found deceased, she said.

One of the three live cats animal control officers were able to catch was missing both eyes, likely to an infection, Hill said.

A brief glance into the house revealed floors blanketed with food containers, cat feces, urine-soaked blankets and broken furniture.

Hill said the same was true for most of the rest of the building.

Officers at the scene required anyone entering the house to wear full-body protective gear.

A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, said she reported the house to police after several months went by without seeing the owner.

It was not unusual to see a dozen or more cats crowding the windows of the house, the neighbor said.

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