A Brunswick man suspected of driving a very recognizable car has been charged in the Tuesday night robbery of B&J’s Steaks and Seafood in Darien, police said.

A man came into the popular restaurant twice Tuesday and on the second visit grabbed cash and fled, said Darien Police Sgt. Joseph Cresswell.

“The second time he came in, he asked for change,’’ Cresswell said. “When (the cashier) opened the drawer, he grabbed some cash and ran.”

The man left in a red, older model Corvette that Glynn County police spotted soon after parked down an incomplete access road west of Interstate 95, near the intersection of Georgia 99 and Spur 25 extension, Cresswell said.

The man apparently fled on foot into a nearby subdivision where he went to a house and asked a man for a ride, Cresswell said.

He had succeeded in persuading a resident to give him a lift but was caught before getting out of the neighborhood.

“He was in the passenger seat [of a vehicle] when a Glynn County officer recognized him,’’ as someone fitting the description of the suspect, Cresswell said.

The officer took him into custody and turned him over to Darien police.

Johnny Ray Durden, 50, is charged with theft by sudden snatching, simple battery and tampering with evidence in the theft, Cresswell said.

Cresswell said there was security camera video of the entire incident. Cresswell said he was uncertain of how much money was taken.

Cresswell said he could not recall any past robbery’s at B&J’s, possibly because it is a very popular eatery among police officers.

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