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An expansion of the Brunswick Landing Marina is being considered.

The Brunswick Landing Marina is seeking permission to expand its dock space and add a concrete sidewalk to provide pedestrian traffic from the north.

The Coastal Marshlands Protection Committee and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources are considering the request and are seeking public comments until Aug. 11.

The marshland component of the request is for the construction and maintenance of floating docks and a covered fixed pier.

The proposed floating dock will be accessed by a 10-foot by 62-foot fixed pier with a 16-foot by 43-foot cover.

A 4-foot by 34-foot metal gangway will provide access from the pier to the floating dock with the dimensions of 10- by 262 feet.

The dock will include five 4-foot by 50-foot finger floats.

The floating dock will be secured to the creek bottom with six 14-inch by 14-inch concrete pilings and five 12-inch by 12-inch pilings.

The proposed dock will extend an estimated 282 feet into the waterway in an area where the waterway is 900 feet wide, according to the notification.

The floating dock will also serve as a wave attenuator to protect the floating marina structures to the north.

The upland portion of the project consists of a 585-square-foot portion of the fixed pier and cover, and an 8-foot by 72-foot concrete sidewalk.

The applicant is required to demonstrate that the project is not contrary to the public interest and that no feasible alternatives exist.

Impacts to coastal marshlands must be minimal.

The committee will consider if the project could obstruct or alter the natural flow of water, if it creates harmful or increased erosion, shoaling or stagnant areas of water, and if the granting of the permit could unreasonably interfere with shrimp, fish or other aquatic life or other resources, including water and oxygen supply.

Public comments and questions should be submitted in writing by the close of the business day on Aug. 11.

Comments can be sent to Paul Tobler at the Department of Natural Resources, located at 1 Conservation Way in Brunswick.

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