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Plans are in the early stages to preserve a portion of Burroughs-Molette Elementary for a new Boys and Girls Club center. The current plan is to renovate the E wing along I street.

An agreement made this week between Glynn County Schools and the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia will allow the club to serve hundreds more students at Burroughs-Molette Elementary in a new center on campus.

The Glynn County Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday to approve a “memorandum of understanding” that will allow the Boys & Girls Club to renovate a retained portion of Burroughs-Molette Elementary after the new school opens in January 2019.

The new school is being built on the same property at the current school at 1900 Lee Street. The old school is set to be demolished next year, but one wing will be saved and transformed into a new Boys & Girls Club center.

“Currently, about 160 students are transported down to McIntyre Court every day for Boys & Girls Club services,” said Jim Pulos, assistant superintendent for operations and administrative services for Glynn County Schools, at a school board meeting Tuesday. “That particular facility is woefully undersized for the number of students that go there.”

The new center will hopefully serve 300 to 400 students, he said.

The agreement solidifies a years-worth of discussions between school officials and the Boys & Girls Club. It will be signed by Virgil Cole, superintendent of Glynn County Schools, and Brian Dolan, chief professional office of the Boys & Girls Club of Southeast Georgia.

The club will cover the expenses of renovation, while the school board will retain ownership of the property, according to the agreement.

The club will paint the exterior of the building “in such a manner that is aesthetically pleasing” and that compliments the new school, the agreement states.

The club will be responsible for conducting background checks for all employees and for paying the cost of utilities.

The agreement, which is set to last 10 years, also states that the club can use the new school’s gym, cafeteria, playground and media center for after-school activities.

The Boys & Girls Club provides students not only with after school care and tutoring, Pulos said, but also with a hot meal at the end of the day. This agreement is a positive step for the school and the community, he said.

“By allowing them to use this facility, they would be able to stay on campus as well as to increase the number of students that would be served,” he said.

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