Voter registration card scanning and further discussion of the currently-vacant elections and registration supervisor position are on the Glynn County Board of Elections’ agenda for Tuesdays meeting.

The board voted to fire former supervisor Monica Couch last month. All five members and Couch herself declined to give any reason for the firing. Assistant Supervisor Christopher Channell was appointed to act as supervisor in the interim.

One unresolved subject is whether or not the board wants to hire a new supervisor on a contract basis. Board members debated the merits of both at their last meeting but did not come to final decision.

Some members felt a contract would offer more protection to both parties involved, but it would make the supervisor the only employee at the board who wouldn’t be an at-will employee.

Ultimately, they decided to postpone the discussion.

In other business, the board is expected to hear an update on its project to scan voter registration cards into a digital database.

The board started looking into ways to accomplish the task in December 2017 but didn’t have the money or staff to do so heading into an election year. In November, board members voted to request funding from the Glynn County Commission to hire two temporary full-time workers to handle it.

Couch got the ball rolling on the project, which the county commission approved last month.

The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Tuesday in the Office Park Building, 1815 Gloucester St. In Brunswick.

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