Editor’s note: The News is publishing answers to a short questionnaire from candidates in contested primary races throughout this week. Early voting ends Friday. The primary election is May 22.

Name: Mark R. Stambaugh

Where are you from?: Middletown, Pa.

Political experience?: Commissioner At Large Post 1

What is your profession?: Aviation Maintenance/Self Employed

Why are you running for office?: I am re-running for office to continue the work I have already started on behalf of the citizens of Glynn County. Three years ago I pledged to work to improve our community on a number of levels ranging from public safety to fiscal responsibility. Although I have had success in many areas, I recognize there is still work to be done, and of course always room for improvement of those things accomplished. Therefore, I felt compelled to once again offer my experience and expertise in these efforts for my fellow citizens.

Name: David O’Quinn

Where are you from?: St. Simons Island

Political experience?: None

What is your profession?: Wholesale Food Distributor

Why are you running for office?: As someone who grew up here, and chose to come back to raise my family here, I have a special love for Glynn County. The people of Glynn County need public servants who will work together to solve the issues that we face. I chose to run to be a new voice, working hard with others to address the issues before us. Issues such as infrastructure, water and sewer, crime, fiscal responsibility, planning and zoning and economic development need to be addressed with a new perspective, and by public servants who are willing to sit down together to find solutions. I plan to be such a public servant.

Name: Jane Fraser

Where are you from?: Born in Memphis, Tenn. Formative years were spent in Atlanta and on St. Simons Island. I have been a resident of Glynn County since 1994.

Political experience: In the 1970s I was a resident of Paris, France, and in 1974-1976 I served on the campaign committee and actively campaigned for Edgar Faure who was a candidate for President of France.

What is your profession?: I am a nonprofit executive and have been President of the Stuttering Foundation since 1982.

Why are you running for office?: I have been working with different people in Glynn County on what I would term as “crisis” neighborhoods or situations for some time. I have long preferred to work anonymously as I was very committed to my role as president of the Stuttering Foundation and to the hundreds of thousands people, young and old, who benefit from our programs.

I have been fortunate enough to build a very capable staff, and over the past few years I have devoted more time to my second passion, which is the preservation and beautification of Glynn County.

As I became more involved with our local government, I was struck by the blatant lack of planning, whether in the financial function or in the zoning area.

Examples include the absence of a capital budget until the county, in 2012, was forced to impose a .49 mil property tax to fund a capital budget. Another example is the non-existent planning for flood water management.

As an executive, I know the most important thing I do is to plan effectively. “No plan” is a plan to fail. I hope to change our local government’s culture to include an emphasis on competency and service.

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