With Hurricane Dorian bearing down on the Golden Isles, Glynn County Animal Control is packing up and taking its shelter pets with it.

No personnel will be available to answer the shelter’s main phone until Friday if current predictions of Dorian’s path hold. One animal control officer will remain on-hand until 5 p.m. today to handle animal-related calls to the police department. Unless the situation is life-threatening, Hill asked that the public call the police department’s non-emergency line at 912-554-7800.

Starting Labor Day morning, animal control personnel began evacuating pets from its shelter on U.S. Highway 17 to a temporary location in Waycross.

Hill said it would likely take the majority of the day to transport pets and supplies to the temporary shelter.

Much of the pressure was taken off thanks to shelters in Tennessee and North Georgia taking in more than 100 dogs and cats.

The assistance came none too soon, she said. About 50 cats were quarantined last week because they either had or were exposed to ringworm, and faced euthanasia because the county’s temporary shelter in Waycross is not equipment to quarantine animals, Hill said.

Atlanta-based rescue group Good Mews took all 50 of the cats with ringworm, Hill said, negating the need to quarantine them.

All of the animals that were taken won’t be coming back, she added. They’ll be put up for adoption at their destination shelters.

Hill doesn’t expect to have much breathing room after Dorian passes, even with nearly half the shelter’s population taken to other locations.

Even accounting for the assistance, that still leaves 92 dogs and 20 cats in Glynn County Animal Control’s care. And that number could increase due to the shelter’s offer to take the pets of first responders and those with functional needs, Hill said.

“The sad thing is, we’re really not going to have a lot of kennels open when we come back, because of the intake this year. We expect to back to full capacity very shortly,” Hill said.

Another side effect of Dorian is that Hill had to cancel an adoption event planned to coincide with First Friday in Mary Ross Waterfront Park.

Because animal control staff will be preoccupied transporting shelter pets back from a temporary shelter in Waycross, it’s unlikely the event will happen. Hill said to look out for the event at First Friday in October.

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