Glynn County is looking for a company to handle its Fourth of July fireworks display on St. Simons Island this year, but officials say not to get your hopes up just yet.

“If COVID ebbs away, we would do the show. If we’re putting it out to bid, we at least intend to do the show,” said county spokesman Matthew Kent. “We would gauge as to what the future holds as to whether that’s something responsible to do.”

On Wednesday, the county’s purchasing department issued an invitation to bid, or IFB, seeking proposals from contractors for a fireworks show at the St. Simons Island Pier on the island’s south end. Proposals are due by March 4.

It’s not a guarantee, however. The Fourth of July is still nearly five months away, and Kent said whether the event actually happens is up to citizens and the vaccination efforts of public health authorities.

“If we can have a fireworks show we will definitely have a fireworks show,” Kent said.

The county canceled its Fourth of July display last year due to concerns that COVID-19 would spread among people gathering in Neptune Park.

“For as many people as typically are jammed in there, I don’t know how we can enforce social distancing,” Kent told The News in May 2020.

The city of Brunswick’s Old Fashioned Fourth of July Celebration is also set to resume this year, according to Downtown Development Authority Director Mathew Hill.

Whether the event ends up being canceled also depends on COVID-19 vaccinations, but he said the city has contracted in advance with a company to provide fireworks.

“Hopefully by then we’ll have more vaccinations out, and we’ll be able to do it pretty much as normal,” Hill said. “We’re almost in the same spot we were last year. When we moved (the celebration) to Labor Day, we were able to make everything so it wasn’t so crowded. I think we can do that this year.”

St. Marys Mayor John Morrissey said a decision about the city’s Independence Day festival and fireworks display won’t be made until early April. City officials and festival organizers are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic to determine if it will be safe enough for large groups of people to gather.

The Jekyll Island Authority also canceled its 2020 fireworks display for health and safety reasons. As of Thursday, the authority was still evaluating whether to hold a celebration this year, said JIA spokesperson Alexa Orndoff.

The Sea Island Co. has similarly made no plans for the Fourth, said spokesperson Jessica DiVincent.

Reporter Gordon Jackson contributed to this report.

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