Geraldine White-Jones, left, sits with Dr. Jen Heller at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Geraldine White-Jones is one tough cookie. As a single mother playing all roles in life, she worked to be entirely self-sufficient. Taking care of her family and kids, working a full-time job, doing maintenance work as well as plumbing and painting all by herself, she has never stopped to rest.

But the wear and tear of her active life took its toll on her body.

“I messed up my back because I lived my life like I was a boy,” she said with a laugh. “I played football in my 50s, which is why I try not to complain about it because I did it to myself.”

But over the years, the pain became too much to bear. It came to a point where even getting out of a chair was too much for Geraldine. She desperately started to look for relief, visiting pain management doctors and physical therapists.

“In 2015, my back basically went out. It felt like fire down my back and into my legs,” she said.

“I tried a lot of different things. Pain management, chiropractors, physical therapy — none of it worked. Every year it was getting worse. Finally, in 2018, my pain management doctor finally talked me into the epidural steroid. The insurance company might as well have burned that money because it didn’t do anything.” Geraldine stated.

It got to a point where she was considering giving up. She’d sit in agony for hours, hoping her son would be able to come home early to help her get up or to get a glass of water.

“I’d just sit there praying that he would get off work and get home to help me,” she said. “I was just a basket case.”

Then, a friend suggested that Geraldine give Heller Healthcare and Brunswick Urgent Care a try.

Heller Healthcare and Brunswick Urgent Care, located at 208 Scranton Connector in Brunswick, are two practices that work together as a team.

They offer comprehensive plans that include chiropractic care, rehab, bio-identical hormone optimization, physician guided weight loss, massage and more. All of the modalities right next to each other, integrating traditional, functional, regenerative, and holistic medicine that works together to give patients a better quality of life.

Geraldine took her friend’s advice and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Jen Heller vividly remembers the early days of Geraldine’s treatment.

“She had severe low back pain. She was depressed and just not her best self in that moment,” Heller recalled.

After Geraldine’s initial consultation, it was determined that she would benefit greatly from regenerative therapy. She had tried traditional conservative care like PT and steroid injections, but when all else failed, she was ready to try something new that was not surgery.

Regenerative therapy stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms to regrow damaged tissue and end pain. Many in the medical community including those at the National Institutes of Health and the Institute of Medicine consider it the future of medicine.

Cells are the body’s building blocks, and the basic foundation that grow all of the tissue and organs in our body. When these cells are injected into damaged tissue, they support the natural healing process by regenerating that tissue.

Heller’s medical team use Human Umbilical Cord Tissue (HUCT) cells, which are derived from the consented, donated umbilical cords from healthy mothers who birthed healthy babies. The amount of cells from a newborn’s umbilical cord are a million times greater, as well as thousands of times more potent than cells taken from an aged body. This also makes it a less-invasive treatment with fewer steps since your own cells are not harvested from one’s own body.

Regenerative therapy can be used anywhere in the body where there is arthritis, degeneration, scar tissue, or even a muscle or tendon tear. In addition to knees and shoulders, which are the most common areas treated, medical providers at Heller Healthcare have performed the procedure on ankles, wrists, hands, feet, necks, backs, hips and more.

Following her regenerative therapy treatment, Geraldine started to see immediate relief.

“When I got home that night, within an hour or two, I was like ‘wow.’ And by nightfall the fire was only right here ... just around my knee,” she said, indicating a small area of her leg. “By the time I went to bed, it was all gone. It was just instant results and far exceeded anything I expected.”

Geraldine has been singing Heller Healthcare’s praises ever since. While her results came quickly and were life-changing, regenerative therapy often produces a gradual change over the course of a couple weeks or months, as the cells replicate.

“When asked, ‘when will I feel better, I will always tell a patient that when using HUCT cells, you will notice that they are working within the first three weeks. They will continue to grow for the next four months, day after day, creating new tissue, but results come in different time periods for different people. Sometimes same day, sometimes in three days, but definitely will see a difference within three weeks” Heller said.

Geraldine continues to see Heller Healthcare for chiropractic and other supportive modalities. And she cannot say enough about the care Heller Healthcare’s staff has provided.

“The biggest difference I have seen in Geraldine is her attitude and love for life. I met her when she wasn’t her best, and now I see smiles, jokes, and an attitude like I’ve never seen before” laughs Heller.

“You feel like you’re home. They listen and when you’re here, they’re on your time not the other way around. I would recommend that anyone come here,” she said.

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