Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of April 19 through April 23 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Providence Assets LLC

Buyer: Macho Totcho LLC

Price: $148,100

Location: Lamar Estate

Seller: Thomas Anderson

Buyer: Richard Jay Wideman

Price: $32,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Kenneth Paul Troutt

Buyer: Marcus Robinson

Price: $300,000

Location: South Oak Ridge

Seller: Robert Earl Knight

Buyer: Susan Johnston

Price: $280,000

Location: Union Street

Seller: Sean R. Griffith

Buyer: Brian T. Spencer

Price: $243,900

Location: Gallery at Coastal Pines

Seller: Cumberland Investment Group LLC

Buyer: Ethan P. Jones

Price: $203,500

Location: Grove at Pecan Pointe

Seller: Wilson Marion

Buyer: Ruperto Dublan Manzano

Price: $61,600

Location: Brunswick Villa

Seller: Charles J. Jones

Buyer: Timothy D. McCarty

Price: $800,000

Location: Sea Point Lodge

Seller: Amy Kathleen Doyle

Buyer: 303 Peachtree LLC

Price: $351,000

Location: St. Simons Heights

Seller: Joe W. Rogers

Buyer: Gregory J. Burrow

Price: $510,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: H. Wayne Huizenga Sr.

Buyer: Gary Michael Purpura

Price: $375,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Saydie Susan Sammons

Buyer: John Hamman

Price: $262,500

Location: Lakeside Patio Homes

Seller: SS Ocean Holdings LLC

Buyer: Karen J. Lambert

Price: $960,000

Location: King & Prince Villas

Seller: Anthony Paul Hockett

Buyer: Preston F. Garrison

Price: $155,000

Location: Turtle Creek

Seller: True Pair LLC

Buyer: Christopher Stewart

Price: $380,000

Location: Shipwatch

Seller: Rodney D. Helmers

Buyer: Dwight J. Caton Sr.

Price: $492,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Thomas R. Fenton

Buyer: Patricia E. Cotterman

Price: $225,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: David A. Winsten

Buyer: Jessie Bellapianta

Price: $199,000

Location: Fox Run

Seller: Norman Applegate

Buyer: Donald J. Fielder

Price: $459,000

Location: Limeburn Village at Hampton Plantation

Seller: Vivian H. Murray

Buyer: Greg Howard

Price: $223,000

Location: Fox Run

Seller: Carroll Custom Homes Inc

Buyer: RIP Current Holdings LLC

Price: $825,000

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: Shep Holdings LLC

Buyer: Patrica L. Downs

Price: $78,000

Location: Commons at Frederica

Seller: Anociona Underwood

Buyer: Thomas K. Baxter

Price: $222,400

Location: Timber Ridge

Seller: RVG Holdings LLC

Buyer: Dillon Richter

Price: $67,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Suzann Fisher Kennedy

Buyer: Michael Paul Gendreau

Price: $180,000

Location: Saddle Brooke

Seller: Fainting Goat LLC

Buyer: 1013 3rd Street LLC

Price: $72,000

Location: Day & Bloom

Seller: Emory L. Boyd

Buyer: Niraliben Patel

Price: $8,000

Location: New Town

Seller: John Tate

Buyer: Jennifer Robin Beato

Price: $99,500

Location: Marshview

Seller: Albert S. Dorcas

Buyer: Vanessa M. Wesley

Price: $19,000

Location: Callaway Point

Seller: Albert S. Dorcas

Buyer: Thomas Dunham IV

Price: $19,000

Location: Callaway Point

Seller: Shaun Michael Ferguson

Buyer: Anand Jailall Jr.

Price: $115,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Joshua Kaiser

Buyer: Belkis Espinal

Price: $247,000

Location: Covington Pointe

Seller: Greg Stahl

Buyer: Barbara Q. Sprague, trustee

Price: $1,475,000

Location: Island Retreat Extension

Seller: George Hayes

Buyer: Phillip J. Becker

Price: $239,100

Location: Island Townhouse

Seller: Mastermind Marketing Inc.

Buyer: Christopher D. Samila

Price: $ 1,000,000

Location: Atlantic Point

Seller: Brunswick Exit 42 LLC

Buyer: Gregory A. Combs

Price: $223,600

Location: Golden Isles Gateway

Seller: Elda M. Bolt

Buyer: Russell Bolt

Price: $301,800

Location: East Beach

Seller: Jim G. Bailey

Buyer: JAS GA Enterprises LLC

Price: $35,000

Location: Longview Hangar

Seller: Jennifer E. Cater

Buyer: Joseph S. Savino

Price: $510,000

Location: St. Clair Estates

Seller: Jonathan W. Havens

Buyer: Jonathan W. Havens

Price: $207,300

Location: Druid Oaks

Seller: Kenneth J. Harrisberger

Buyer: Ameet Shankara Shetty

Price: $1,750,000

Location: Dolphin View

Seller: Michael S Mleko Building Contractor Inc.

Buyer: Steven Leonard Holland

Price: $274,900

Location: Silver Bluff

Seller: Shane L. Phillips

Buyer: Carl Black

Price: $195,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Nathaniel Ingraham Hasell Jr.

Buyer: St. Simons Land Trust Inc.

Price: $2,381,000

Location: N/A

Seller: SIA Propco II LLC

Buyer: Lakadama Properties LLC

Price: $1,875,000

Location: Dune Cottages at Ocean Forest

Seller: Webb & Collins LLC

Buyer: Greg Stahl

Price: $1,095,000

Location: King & Prince Villas

Seller: Stella L. Jowers

Buyer: Coastal Home Helper LLC

Price: $80,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Duffy Family LTD Partnership

Buyer: Richard D. Campe

Price: $612,500

Location: Cloister Ocean Residence

Seller: Warren Harold Billings

Buyer: Rufus A. Johnson Jr.

Price: $420,400

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: Henry C. Owens

Buyer: Matthew C. Quillen

Price: $20,000

Location:Golden Isles Marina

Seller: Beverly R. Talbert

Buyer: Diane F. Parker

Price: $219,700

Location: Villas at Golden Isles

Seller: David Baxter

Buyer: Leslie Becknell Droogmans

Price: $750,000

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Reh Investments Holdings LLC

Buyer: Matthew C. McDonald

Price: $899,900

Location: Compass Point

Seller: Sharon L. Cacase

Buyer: Anibal J. Criscio

Price: $393,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Lori Morrison Lee

Buyer: Sharon L. Cacase

Price: $340,000

Location: Morgans Mill

Seller: Truett D. Auten

Buyer: Jennifer L. Partykevich

Price: $499,000

Location: Oak Groves Plantation

Seller: Caleb Currier

Buyer: Jennifer Stockert

Price: $162,000

Location: Wavely Pines

Seller: Edward Thomas Lees Jr.

Buyer: Joaquin Vargas Perez

Price: $66,000

Location: Bourne

Seller: Kwame Brown

Buyer: Sharon Henderson

Price: $115,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Pnut Properties Inc.

Buyer: Walter King

Price: $232,000

Location: Crystal Lake

Seller: William P. Portman

Buyer: Parkway Professional LLC

Price: $3,400,000

Location: Dunes Cottages at Ocean Forest

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