Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of April 12 through April 16 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Home Point Financial Corp

Buyer: Earle Johnston Duncan

Price: $66,5000

Location: Pecan Point

Seller: Augusta Capital Partners LLC

Buyer: Ten Holdings LLC

Price: $740,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Susan K. Ballard

Buyer: Victoria Griffith

Price: $440,000

Location: Sea Palms Golf & Country Club

Seller: WJH LLC

Buyer: Aaron Legarsky

Price: $220,000

Location: Saddle Brooke

Seller: WJH LLC

Buyer: Charity Denise Tyson

Price: $226,000

Location: Saddle Brooke

Seller: Jeremiah L. Schwalm

Buyer: Alisha Simone Wiley

Price: $156,500

Location: Goodyear Park

Seller: Dennis A. Nelson Jr.

Buyer: Charles E. Lewis

Price: $252,000

Location: Landings at Golden Isles

Seller: Alvin Davis Turner III

Buyer: Jacqueline Silva

Price: $70,000

Location: Brunswick Farms Tr Pine Crest

Seller: Kaleen N. Harper

Buyer: Reid Walter Ryder

Price: $269,900

Location: Hardwood Forest

Seller: Luke Michael Tyrer

Buyer: Jared Michael Johnson

Price: $98,000

Location: Deerfield Station

Seller: Kathy O. McMinn

Buyer: Roger Wayne Pearce Jr.

Price: $60,000

Location: Brunswick Land Development

Seller: James L. Johns

Buyer: Clinton O. Pearson Jr.

Price: $192,700

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: Richard Burton Liipfert

Buyer: Simisson Family Investments LP

Price: $ 1,068,500

Location: East Beach

Seller: Marion Thomas

Buyer: Schwalm Jeremiah L. Orser

Price: $223,200

Location: Lake Forest Manor

Seller: Margarete E. Watkins

Buyer: FamFirst SSI LLC

Price: $319,500

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Raymond L. West

Buyer: Isobel Parker Mills

Price: $625,000

Location: Black Banks

Seller: Brian C. Richburg

Buyer: James R. Pierce Jr.

Price: $289,000

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Michael William Wilson, trustee

Buyer: Shetoria Jaudon

Price: $11,500

Location: Lakes

Seller: Michael William Wilson, trustee

Buyer: Tonya Brown

Price: $10,500

Location: Lakes

Seller: Aloma Jean Hannon

Buyer: Jonathan R. Miller IV

Price: $ 285,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Clay Wildt

Buyer: Evelyn Kratochvil

Price: $207,100

Location: Glyndale

Seller: Lauren A. Ware

Buyer: Christopher Robert Garwood

Price: $389,900

Location: Drakes Landing

Seller: Susan T. Mundy, trustee

Buyer: John Benjamin Butler

Price: $765,000

Location: St. Simons Cottages

Seller: Zachery Thompson

Buyer: Jeff B. Kerr

Price: $230,000

Location: Island Townhouse

Seller: Stephen F. Sipperly

Buyer: Marcie Cate Lancaster

Price: $640,000

Location: Township Bluff

Seller: Deborah Miller

Buyer: Terry Richards

Price: $148,500

Location: Gascoigne

Seller: WJH LLC

Buyer: CF KL Assets 2021 LLC

Price: $184,300

Location: Saddle Brooke

Seller: JC Jekyll LLC

Buyer: Teresa L. McElroy

Price: $679,000

Location: West Point Lake

Seller: Ruth M. Stuart

Buyer: Geri L. Emerick

Price: $257,000

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Buff Villa Investors LLC

Buyer: Margaret J. Hatcher

Price: $2,638,000

Location: Forest Cottages at Ocean Forest

Seller: Victoria Griffith

Buyer: Francisco Duque

Price: $432,000

Location: St. Simons Heights

Seller: John C. Palsgrove

Buyer: Jeri McGhee

Price: $128,000

Location: St. Simons Inn By The Lighthouse

Seller: Tory Braden

Buyer: Sovereign Holdings LLC

Price: $270,000

Location: Sandcastle

Seller: Riddick Ackerman IV

Buyer: Gregory Negelow

Price: $792,500

Location: Beachview

Seller: Tammy R. Lewis

Buyer: Gary Milkwick

Price: $ 330,000

Location: Demere Landing

Seller: Richard D. Marshburn

Buyer: Stephanie Sorrell

Price: $318,000

Location: Beacon Park

Seller: Golden Isles Land Acquisitions LLC

Buyer: Karen Bast

Price: $280,000

Location: Shadow Brooke Village

Seller: Eric Friedrich II

Buyer: Jay Jenkins

Price: $142,500

Location: Stillwater

Seller: Theodore T. Crews III

Buyer: Peggy Garner

Price: $260,000

Location: Island Townhouse

Seller: Marion W. Moore

Buyer: Charlene Byrd

Price: $640,000

Location: Riverside

Seller: Jami C. Bailey

Buyer: Arnold W. Thomas Jr.

Price: $451,500

Location: Grandview at Sea Palms

Seller: SIA Propco II LLC

Buyer: Kathryne G. Raclin Revocable Trust

Price: $625,000

Location: Dune Cottages at Ocean Forest

Seller: Trayce D. Griffies

Buyer: Bruce W. Whitehurst

Price: $244,000

Location: North Golf Villas

Seller: Joseph A. Hersey

Buyer: Edmund F. Wallace III

Price: $210,000

Location: Satilla Shores

Seller: Shaneshaw W. Sallins

Buyer: Kevin Carlberg

Price: $227,500

Location: Silver Bluff

Seller: David W. Slaughter

Buyer: Nancy Hutcheson

Price: $262,500

Location: Marshes of Mackay

Seller: Cottages 125 LLC

Buyer: John Joseph Sangervasi, trustee

Price: $4,750,000

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Sydrea Cottages LLC

Buyer: Construction B C Inc.

Price: $591,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Lewis L. Hopkins III

Buyer: David P. Lewis Sr.

Price: $665,000

Location: Hamilton Landing

Seller: Mark Royce Johnson, trustee

Buyer: Charles Green

Price: $515,000

Location: Sea Palms Golf & Country Club

Seller: 105 Shore Rush LLC

Buyer: Dover Lane Investment Holdings LLC

Price: $355,000

Location: Sea Palms Golf & Country Club

Seller: Anna Maria Boccuzzi

Buyer: Leamon Smith Jr.

Price: $30,000

Location: Wavely Pines

Seller: Moxley Homes LLC

Buyer: David Burton

Price: $357,300

Location: Carriage Gate Plantation

Seller: Tamie Griffith

Buyer: Thomas William Evans

Price: $300,000

Location: Palm Lake

Seller: Charles M. Carswell

Buyer: Jeffrey W. Howard

Price: $345,000

Location: Spring Hill

Seller: Robert E. Quirk

Buyer: Advocacy Trust LLC trustee

Price: $815,000

Location: Hamilton Landing

Seller: Christopher B. Wells

Buyer: Elizabeth Asmar

Price: $22,000

Location: Barrington Oaks

Seller: Arla Dean W. Johns

Buyer: Kevin Daniel Cusack

Price: $225,000

Location: Mallery Villas

Seller: RCG Brunswick LLC

Buyer: NS Retail Holdings LLC

Price: $2,534,300

Location: Cypress Mill Plaza

Seller: Druid Oaks GA 2017 LLC

Buyer: Druid Oaks GA 2021 LLC

Price: $950,000

Location: N/A

Seller: Alesia Preece

Buyer: Deiadra S. Busko

Price: $319,600

Location: Harrington

Seller: William Howard Oquinn

Buyer: Golden Isles MHP LLC

Price: $1,076,300

Location: N/A

Seller: John F. Hallman III

Buyer: PAO Properties LLC

Price: $143,600

Location: Center Square

Seller: Michael Mussell

Buyer: Construction B C Inc.

Price: $339,000

Location: Yacht Club

Seller: Katherine M. Deadwyler

Buyer: Mark Christopher Mire

Price: $495,000

Location: Wesley Oaks

Seller: Gary R. Corey Sr.

Buyer: Brittany S. Lane

Price: $145,000

Location: Water Crest

Seller: Rjohn Hmort LLC

Buyer: Timothy Alan Blanchard

Price: $94,900

Location: Winter Chase

Seller: RX2 Investments LLC

Buyer: Spencer K. Martin

Price: $275,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Soglo Properties LLC

Buyer: Devin Messick

Price: $245,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Michael E. Lynch

Buyer: Joseph Verde III

Price: $384,500

Location: Carriage Gate

Seller: Mary Josephine Franklin Busby, trustee

Buyer: Our Hometeam Properties LLC

Price: $985,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: Craig R. Wakehouse

Buyer: Vila Vino LLC

Price: $559,000

Location: Waterfront at Golden Isles Marina

Seller: Driggers Homes Inc.

Buyer: Chase Lori Stanley

Price: $32,500

Location: Country Walk

Seller: Russell Aaron Johnson

Buyer: Keista A. Elder

Price: $136,000

Location:Turtle Creek

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