Even with an unsettling weather event on the horizon, the Isles — truly the whole of the South — is all abuzz. College football returns on Saturday and there’s very little that could put a damper on the spirits of the Bulldawg faithful. Whether traveling to Nashville to cheer UGA on in their season opener against Vanderbilt, or hunkering down at the local watering hole, it will be a exciting start to the season.

Of course, in order to properly support one’s team — you need the right look. Luckily, shops around town are fully stocked with red and black attire plus on-point accessories.

One of these is the Yellow Canary. Located at 3600 Frederica Road, St. Simons Island, the boutique is filled with a sea of red and black, most of which is short sleeved and light weight for the sweltering late summer games.

Owner, Sandra DeLaney, said that these outfits are great for days watching the action on the gridiron.

“It’s still so hot so you can always go for your rompers and your light dresses,” she said.

Those can be found in solid red or black, accentuated by interesting features like cutouts, or animal print designs.

“Animal print is really big. You still have your leopard print and snake skin,” she said.

Aside form patterns, another key element is accessories. They can take an outfit to the next level. DeLaney said that those are still trending toward the big and bold.

“Statement jewelry is still trendy — earrings especially, it’s an earring world out there,” she said.

Beaded and tribal style earrings and necklaces have been very popular this year, as is the fringe tipped pendants and studs that have been going strong for a couple of years now.

Like DeLaney, Marti Tolleson has also been stocking up on all of the must-haves for the season. In her clothing and home boutique at 295 Redfern Village on St. Simons Island, there are dozens of outfits that incorporate that key color scheme.

“Since the season is still super hot, we like to keep the game day outfits super lightweight and really show off our spirit with accessories in team colors,” Tolleson said.

Some of Two Friends key pieces include earrings that read — Dawgs — in chunky lettering. A similar style features UGA’s famous logo. There’s also an assortment of bracelets in various patterns — metallic and snake skin, as well as solids.

But it’s not just about the bling, so to speak. There’s also the bags that carry all the necessities.

One of the favorites is a clear — stadium approved — purse. Transparent to alleviate safety concerns, it is adorably emblazoned with the word “#gameday” on the front. There’s also a super cute football tote that would be ideal when traveling to and from tailgate sites.

Of course, for some of us, watching football means cuddling up with family and friends at home and Two Friends UGA pillow is ideal for adding a little spirit to the home.

But wherever one watches or even wears, one thing is for sure — there’s nothing better than being a football fan in the South. Happy gameday, ya’ll.

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