Kasey Miller, physician’s assistant, and Nancy Singletary discuss her progress at Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Nancy Singletary believes in embracing life to its fullest, but when pain and arthritis started to dictate her day, frustration kicked in.   

Nancy has always been a hard worker. Her days of working as a certified surgical technician gave her long hospital shifts that wore her body down. But in addition, a previous car accident many years ago has left her body with chronic pain and wear and tear. Years of physical stress, working hard, and life all around has now set in painful arthritis all over her body. 

While outwardly Singletary appeared to be the picture of health, inwardly she was fighting a daily battle against chronic pain. "I have osteoarthritis and on a pain scale of 1-10, I fluctuated between a 7 and 10.” 

Constant pain in her shoulders, midback, and low back make it difficult to move throughout the day. Constant pain in her feet from plantar fasciitis make it difficult to walk and enjoy life to its fullest, but most of all the car accident she had so many years ago has given her a herniated disc in her neck and causes her the most pain all day, every day.  

To help manage her body pain and stiffness, Nancy participates in hot yoga classes and has always tried to take care of herself by sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet, and walking regularly.  Her passion for an overall health and wellness philosophy has carried her through her life, but when simple things in life like caring groceries, walking, climbing stairs, and vacuuming became very painful and hard to do, she just knew she needed something more. 

“My pain was constant and unbearable at times. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like in 10 years!”

While her yoga classes helped ease the pain, it was always waiting for her again when she rolled up her mat.  "Yoga really helped. That’s why I’d go so often … twice a day if I possibly could," she said. "It was when I felt the best." 

Singletary had more or less resigned herself to the fact that, outside of the yoga room, she would simply have to live with her pain.   That was until she received a message from Heller Healthcare in Brunswick. The text extended an invitation to attend the practice’s monthly seminar, where they offer lunch and an informational program explaining regenerative and functional medicine, as well as the many programs offered at Heller Healthcare.  

At first, Singletary was skeptical.   "I had a bad attitude about it. But I just figured well I’ll go and get to see the country club and get a free lunch," she said with a laugh.   So, she went.  

The program proved to be much more than Singletary ever expected.  The Heller staff outlined the programs available which included stem cell therapy and their regenerative medicine program, as well as the impressive results that clinic and patients have seen in the past 3 years of the program. 

By the end of the seminar, Singletary dared to wonder if there might finally be hope and relief. This program sounded like something that would fit right in with her goals to live pain free and to finally take care of the arthritis that has been aggravating her for so long. She arranged for her free consultation with Heller Healthcare to learn more, and to see if any of the programs mentioned would be a good fit for her specific needs. 

Due to her pain and arthritis, Singletary’s consultation and exam proved that she was indeed a prime candidate for stem cell therapy and Heller’s regenerative joint program.   With Singletary living in chronic and debilitating pain daily, Heller wanted to help immediately and together they mapped out an aggressive treatment plan that included gentle chiropractic care, medical massage and stem cell therapy.   When combining all three of those therapies at the right time, the human body can transform and regenerate; even in cases of patients with severe arthritis.  

Heller Healthcare uses Human Umbilical Cord Tissue (HUCT) stem cells, which are derived from the consented, donated umbilical cords from healthy mothers who birthed healthy babies. The amount of stem cells from a newborn's umbilical cord are a million times greater in quatity and are thousands of times more potent than stem cells taken from an aged body. This also makes it a less-invasive treatment with fewer steps since your own stem cells are not harvested from your body. Decreasing the amount of processes causes HUCT stem cell therapy injections to be vastly more affordable. It is a quick, painless, outpatient procedure performed in Heller Healthcare's office. The stem cells are injected into the patient's problem area(s) and within 28 hours those cells will have attached to the inflamed and degenerated tissue, doubled, and already started the process of regenerative medicine. This doubling process of every 28 hours continues for 3-4 months to change and regenerate the joints, arthritis, and tissue until new, healthy tissue has formed and replaced the old, degenerated tissue. After the stem cells have been injected, the amount of chiropractic, massage, and/or rehab treatments needed to assist change and enhancement of the results varies by patient's needs and goals to achieve optimal results.

Singletary decided this was her answer and to go big and have injections from head to toe, targeting every one of her problem areas. The injections themselves are a quick, basically painless, outpatient procedure performed in Heller Healthcare’s office. Her hands, feet, low back, neck, and her arthritic knees were all assessed and treated and the results have been impressive. 

“This is a tremendously wonderful practice.   And, it’s not just chiropractic and it’s not just stems cells….” she remarked about Heller Healthcare.  “I’m just very impressed with the office and the staff here.   It all flows so well together.”

Within just four weeks of her stem cell injections, Singletary already has an entirely new lease on life. No longer does she live her life confined with her daily 7 to 10 pain.   "I do still have some pain but it’s nothing like it was and it’s really not been that long. I’m 90 percent pain free now and the full effects don’t show until four months," she said with a smile.  "I would tell people who are considering it — DON’T WAIT. Don’t live in pain because this is the real deal. I feel like a teenager again." 


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