Like most healthy folks, Erin Quarterman has a routine. Every morning, Quarterman, who owns Gold Coast Nutrition in downtown Brunswick with her husband Kel, whips up a few diet staples for her day.

“I make my shake, bring it in a mason jar and drink it during the day,” she said, holding a glass mason jar containing a smoothie.

To say the Quartermans are “keen” on nutrition is a huge understatement. Obviously, they’ve made it their career, but they also walk the so-called walk. Erin always opts to eat and drink the things that benefit her body most. And she encourages her customers to do the same.

“Eat real food,” she said with a laugh. “Whole, unrefined foods.”

That’s true with any diet — including Keto, Paleo, vegetarian or vegan. And the Quartermans offer guidance to those looking to be their healthiest self on any of these paths.

“I believe that any lifestyle works for you as long as you stick with it. But you have to decide what that is for you. Some people want to do Keto because they want to lose weight fast and you can lose weight fast,” she said.

The Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat meal plan that burns fat more effectively.

“But it’s not sustainable because you can’t really stay on that low of a carbohydrate diet forever,” she said.

Keto is a common topic at their shop, located at 1519 Newcastle St., Brunswick. As summer approaches more customers are looking to improve their physique and shave off a few pounds.

While the duo is happy to help with any plan a customer wants to pursue, they always emphasize overall health rather than adhering to fads.

“For us, we’re more paleo-fitness ... we’re in the middle. We believe in eating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins,” she said.

That’s why Erin’s go-to shake is such a key part of her day. It offers a number of nutritious benefits, and it’s also easily customizable if someone wants to tailor it to their particular diet.

“I call this the smoothie swap recipe because it can work for anyone. This recipe is designed to be used as a base for many different healthy lifestyle choices,” she said.

Vegans can use plant-based protein powder like SAN Raw Fusion or Garden Life Raw Protein. Paleo foks can use an egg or bone broth based protein like Now Egg Protein or Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein.

“For Keto, you use a high fat Keto base such as Primaforce Keto Shake or Ancient Nutrition Keto Protein,” she said. “And then for body builders or fitness, use a whey based protein such as Now Whey, Isolate, Protizyme or Isomorph.”

Along with the protein, Erin also uses “greens” in the smoothie. Those are supplement powders that add plant power to the mix.

“There are many different greens powders on the market. Greens supply the body with an array of phytonutrients and also help to alkalize the body,” she said.

“Our favorites are Green Vibrance, Mighty Maca Greens and Macrogreens.”

Erin combines her protein and greens along with fruits, coconut manna or butter, cacao powder and egg.

“You have to use a blender ... you can’t shake it. But then I put it in a mason jar — so you aren’t using plastic — and keep it cold,” she said.

Basic Smoothie Swap Recipe

Makes 2 12 ounce servings

1 cup organic frozen mixed berries

1/3 frozen banana (optional to leave out for Keto)

1 tbs coconut manna or butter (mixes with water to form nice, creamy base)

1 cup of water

1 scoop of protein powder (swap for whichever diet plan being used)

1 tbs of caco powder or nibs for texture

1 free range egg yolk (optional to leave out for vegan)

Place all ingredients in a high powdered blender and blend until smooth and desired consistency (usually about 45 to 90 seconds). Place in a glass mason jar and keep cold until ready to drink.

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