Kay Meeks and Kyndra Thomas sit in Heller Healthcare in Brunswick.

Kay Meeks has always been amazed by the healing power of the human body. And, as a registered nurse, it was something that she turned into a long career.

But after retiring, she wanted to continue to learn. That’s when she started to explore non-traditional treatments like regenerative medicine. “For many years after I retired, I moved away from traditional medicine and toward alternative,” she said.

The benefits of medications, surgery, and physical therapy have gotten her only so far with her increased pain, stiffness and what she loves to do best, which included being outdoors and doing work in the yard.

“I’m really impressed by Kay,” Dr. Heller said. “As a RN she has seen so many cases of severe arthritis in the shoulders and knees, degenerative disc disease and stenosis of the spine, and everything in between. And now that she is suffering with it herself, she has chosen a different route than what is typically offered."

“My mother is still living, she’s 95, and she uses a scooter to get around. She’s not mobile. I started thinking about things that I would be facing,” Meeks said.

“When I was first diagnosed with my autoimmune disease (erythromelalgia), regenerative medicine was just becoming common knowledge,” she said.

“With Kay’s severe arthritis in her neck, shoulder, and low back, her added health problems increased her burning and stinging in her hands and feet. Basically, she needed help all over,” Heller said.

Meeks, who lives in Statesboro, conversed with her chiropractor and also started doing research online. That led her to Brunswick — to the office of Heller Healthcare.

The Brunswick-based practice offers an integrative and holistic approach to wellness. They not only offer classic care like chiropractic and medical massage therapy, they also offer functional and regenerative medicine. Their programs are designed to get to the root of the issue, and not just treat the symptom. From programs focused on anti-arthritis to degenerative joint care treatments, holistic pain management options to hormone optimization and nutritional planning, and more. They work with each patient individually, mapping out a custom health plan to fit each personal lifestyle.

Meeks met with the Heller team and learned more about Regenerative Medicine, and also that she was a good candidate for the program. She decided the treatment was right for her and it was wise to make that investment in her body and her future.

“I did my low back, my neck, both hands and my shoulder. I’m about nine weeks out,” she said. “My massage therapist and chiropractor in Statesboro are amazed by the muscle tone and movement in my joints. They can tell a big difference structurally. I’ve gotten a lot stronger,” she said.

Kyndra Thomas, nurse practitioner at Heller Healthcare, says that she, Dr. Heller and the rest of their team have coordinated with Meeks’ provider in Statesboro to continue to offer the best care possible. “We collaborated with her doctor who is treating her for erythromelalgia. We also share our treatment plan with her chiropractor in Statesboro,” Thomas said. “Working with patients that are not local has been more common in the past year."

For Meeks, she’s pleased with her path and is excited to see the results that come over the next year as the stem cells continue to heal and change the way her body functions.

“I’m going to give the stem cells a year to see how that impacts me and I also might come back and try the IV stem cell treatment that they offer here, to address my erythromelalgia,” she said.

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