Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of Nov. 12 through Nov. 19 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Charles Dismer

Buyer: Mark King

Price: $394,900

Location: Oglethorpe Landing

Seller: Holly Holdings Investments LLC

Buyer: Susan Canelli

Price: $235,000

Location: Glynn Haven Estates

Seller: Mathieu Nevins

Buyer: Douglas Sharp

Price: $405,000

Location: Sea Palms

Seller: Melba Sellers

Buyer: Nicholas Grynkewich Jr.

Price: $90,000

Location: Blythe Island

Seller: Susan Canelli

Buyer: Michael McCartney

Price: $270,000

Location: Harbour Oaks

Seller: M. Martell

Buyer: Kaufmann Investments LTD

Price: $400,000

Location: Riverfront Plaza

Seller: Ephron Crump

Buyer: Jose Garcia

Price: $50,000

Location: Beverly Shores

Seller: Brandon Hewett

Buyer: Adam Wilson

Price: $215,000

Location: Somersby Pointe

Seller: Paul Hanner

Buyer: Loy Atkins

Price: $355,000

Location: Harrison Pointe

Seller: Saul Alvin Jr.

Buyer: Allan Orient

Price: $8,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Happy Home Investments

Buyer: Thomas Larson

Price: $65,000

Location: Peninsula Park

Seller: Carroll Ross

Buyer: Lacey Gandy

Price: $193,000

Location: Nottinghill

Seller: James Albright

Buyer: Stacey Durham

Price: $9,820

Location: New Town

Seller: Michael Murray

Buyer: Craig Beasley

Price: $450,000

Location: Serenoa Cove

Seller: Uriah Baker

Buyer: Ann Lewis

Price: $389,600

Location: St. Clair Estates

Seller: Alex Stacy

Buyer: Christopher Mead

Price: $180,000

Location: Fox Run

Seller: Causeway Properties LLC

Buyer: Kristin Lee

Price: $1,780

Location: Mayhew

Seller: William Greer

Buyer: James Kirkland

Price: $180,000

Location: Island Marshwood

Seller: Donald Manning

Buyer: Jeanne Anderson

Price: $620,000

Location: Villas at Frederica

Seller: SIA Propco LLC

Buyer: Judy Whiddon

Price: $161,800

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Peter Murphy

Buyer: Mary Eggers

Price: $1,600,000

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Satilla Forest Development

Buyer: Linda Campbell

Price: $1,450

Location: Hunter’s Point

Seller: Lamar Smith Signature Homes

Buyer: Roberto Baptiste

Price: $235,300

Location: Covington Pointe

Seller: Drigger’s Homes INC

Buyer: Judy Lowe

Price: $251,000

Location: Clearwater

Seller: Suzanne Spann

Buyer: Melanie Disco

Price: $217,000

Location: Island Marshwood

Seller: Triple Holding INC

Buyer: Michael Cherof

Price: $699,000

Location: Ocean Vue Gardens

Seller: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Buyer: John Fiorvanti

Price: $410,000

Location: Tabby Place

Seller: Pallet Menders INC

Buyer: Ashley Callifcutt

Price: $208,700

Location: Glynn Haven

Seller: Chad Moye

Buyer: Benjamin Hutchinson

Price: $5,300

Location: Belair Estates

Seller: US Bank and Turst

Buyer: Jeffrey Ulrich

Price: $129,000

Location: Tract D

Seller: Patricia Kaufman

Buyer: David Bernhard

Price: $1,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Emil Cottage LLC

Buyer: David Bernhard

Price: $910,000

Location: St. Simons Coast Cottages

Seller: Andrew Boerger

Buyer: Terry Ellis

Price: $228,600

Location: Somersby Pointe

Seller: Mitchell Sandifer

Buyer: Phillip Spencer

Price: $7,500

Location: Marshview

Seller: John Mallette

Buyer: 341 Investments LLC

Price: $7,000

Location: Glynn Heights

Seller: Janet Douglas

Buyer: Charles Gibson

Price: $162,000

Location: Stately Oaks

Seller: James Jackson

Buyer: Corbin Collier

Price: $186,300

Location: Timber Ridge

Seller: Debra Brown

Buyer: Chad Ensley

Price: $2,000

Location: Tall Pines

Seller: Heritage Bank

Buyer: William Alexander

Price: $9,500

Location: Foxcreek Estates

Seller: Bessie Scott

Buyer: Ga. Center for Home Ownership

Price: $1,000

Location: Lawrenceville

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