Glynn County property transfers involving a monetary exchange recorded the week of April 29 through May 3 by the Glynn County Superior Court Clerk of Courts:

Seller: Zagotta Group LLC

Buyer: Sea Island Acquisition LLC

Price: $1,350,000

Location: Sea Island Restorts

Seller: Atlantic Irrigation Supply LLC

Buyer: Jakin Enterprises LLC

Price: $127,000

Location: Coral Park Business Center

Seller: Peter Nermoe

Buyer: Sidney Estes

Price: $495,000

Location: Youngwood

Seller: Raymundo Jaime

Buyer: Julio Martinez

Price: $40,000

Location: New Town

Seller: Ameris Bank

Buyer: Thad Carter

Price: $320,000

Location: Hwy 17

Seller: Michael Lynch

Buyer: Zachary Golem

Price: $148,500

Location: Cate’s Bounty

Seller: Bryan Vanderweide

Buyer: Vickram Patel

Price: $148,800

Location: Breckenridge

Seller: Chad Bailey

Buyer: Thomas Brubaker

Price: $135,000

Location: Still Water

Seller: Harlene Farabaee

Buyer: Jackson Farabaee

Price: $10,000

Location: Beverly Shores

Seller: Jane Holmes

Buyer: Richard Hanwacker

Price: $364,000

Location: Mariner’s Landing

Seller: Marty Gillespie

Buyer: Kathryn Shapard

Price: $420,000

Location: Oglethorpe

Seller: Paul Weiss

Buyer: Patricia Worley

Price: $255,000

Location: Sea Palms Colony

Seller: Russell Weber

Buyer: Deirdre Leal

Price: $319,000

Location: Reserve at Demere

Seller: Lester Roddenberry III

Buyer: Kenneth Harp

Price: $315,000

Location: Foxcreek

Seller: Suntrust Bank

Buyer: Jeremy Ethridge

Price: $210,000

Location: Buckswamp Road

Seller: John Stroud

Buyer: Robert Older

Price: $230,500

Location: North Golf Villas

Seller: Sun Coast Construction INC

Buyer: Candace Debruijn

Price: $165,000

Location: Boykin Ridge

Seller: Creek House Holdings LLC

Buyer: Gearhead Properties LLC

Price: $455,000

Location: Wildlife Preserve

Seller: Thomas Willis

Buyer: Colette Andre

Price: $112,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Graham Fox

Buyer: Charles Jones

Price: $525,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: United Community Bank

Buyer: Courtney Scott

Price: $16,500

Location: High Point

Seller: Matthew Peak

Buyer: Nathaniel Tindale

Price: $123,000

Location: Turtle Creek

Seller: Jim Jinkins

Buyer: Brian Dwyer

Price: $258,400

Location: Old Town

Seller: Gabriel Speaks

Buyer: Alexander Kopeck

Price: $322,000

Location: Reserve at Demere

Seller: Wilmington Savings Fund

Buyer: Roberta Patrick

Price: $109,900

Location: Old Town

Seller: William Wolfe

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Price: $310,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Frederica Baptist Church

Buyer: Mceachern McClosky LLC

Price: $173,000

Location: 1700 Frederica Road

Seller: Swift Sails Strategy LLC

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Price: $150,000

Location: Fernwood

Seller: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Buyer: Patricia Camerson

Price: $470,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Palmetto Building Group LLC

Buyer: Kerry Blind

Price: $500,000

Location: Villas at Gascoigne

Seller: Jay Sulkowsky

Buyer: Jeremy Yeargin

Price: $154,000

Location: Turtle Creek

Seller: Lexicon Government Services

Buyer: James Magbee

Price: $585,900

Location: Sea Palms North

Seller: First Federal Bank of Florida

Buyer: Katelyn Woodford

Price: $168,900

Location: Plantation at Golden Isles

Seller: Jeffrey Lucas

Buyer: Michael Ferra

Price: $227,500

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Judith Gift

Buyer: Marla Evans

Price: $360,000

Location: Oak Forest

Seller: Farris Tippins

Buyer: George Hulett

Price: $75,000

Location: Peninsula Park

Seller: Barbara Mudge

Buyer: Neiman Copher Jr.

Price: $343,000

Location: Kingsmarsh Villas

Seller: Scott Ruschak

Buyer: Joshua Arrowood

Price: $214,000

Location: Hardwood Forest

Seller: Janet Shearouse

Buyer: Frederick Shearouse

Price: $425,000

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: Golden Isles Family Properties

Buyer: Carol E Vaughn Inter Vivos

Price: $35,000

Location: Laurel Grove

Seller: Benjamin Grantham Jr.

Buyer: Carlos Cordova

Price: $19,900

Location: Pinewood

Seller: Sherri Jones

Buyer: Steven Mirabile

Price: $298,000

Location: Gates of St. Simons

Seller: Newton Kirby

Buyer: Harry Diz

Price: $375,000

Location: Sandcastle

Seller: Mark S Wood LLC

Buyer: Brandon Lightfoot

Price: $190,000

Location: Wages Road

Seller: Christopher Clifton

Buyer: Makala Clinch

Price: $148,800

Location: Tanglewood

Seller: Gay Bluestein

Buyer: Brittany Clifton

Price: $220,000

Location: Marsh Oaks

Seller: Cheston Broomell

Buyer: Jason Roberson

Price: $15,000

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Emilio Hernandez

Buyer: Cliff Dowdy

Price: $282,000

Location: Riverwatch

Seller: Sierra Roberson

Buyer: Flavio Quesada

Price: $266,800

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: John Vara

Buyer: Eamonn Leonard

Price: $124,000

Location: Old Town

Seller: Sierra Roberson

Buyer: Flavio Quesada

Price: $266,800

Location: Lexington Place

Seller: Donald Roberts

Buyer: Clifford Roberts

Price: $417,000

Location: Shipwatch

Seller: Scott Corwon


Price: $3,600,000

Location: Frederica Township

Seller: Seaside Investment Holdings

Buyer: Sterling Infield

Price: $212,900

Location: Flanagan Bluff

Seller: Flavio Quesada

Buyer: Stephanie Dunn

Price: $158,000

Location: Shell Point

Seller: Tommy Brabson

Buyer: Tracy Carver

Price: $492,000

Location: Settler’s Hammock

Seller: Palmetto Building Group

Buyer: Kay Roberson

Price: $375,000

Location: Tabby Place

Seller: James Dixon

Buyer: Melissa Cruz

Price: $1,278,000

Location: East Beach

Seller: William Wilson

Buyer: Flanagan LLC

Price: $12,500

Location: Lakes

Seller: Steven Rayle

Buyer: Natalie Tindall

Price: $148,000

Location: Highland Park

Seller: Joshua Whitcraft

Buyer: Frederick Grote

Price: $456,000

Location: Island Retreat

Seller: William Halderson

Buyer: James Rusher III

Price: $725,000

Location: Hampton

Seller: Susan Ebersten

Buyer: James Keddy

Price: $211,000

Location: Ocean Walk

Seller: Dennis Snyder

Buyer: Gary Smith

Price: $550,000

Location: Hampton Point

Seller: John Trainham

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $275,000

Location: Southpoint

Seller: Glennville Bank

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $200,000

Location: Rosa Cummings Estate

Seller: Richard Mallicote

Buyer: Palmetto Building Group

Price: $250,000

Location: Rosa Cummings Estate

Seller: 1317 Demere LLC

Buyer: Fredna Stancil

Price: $708,000

Location: Glynn Oaks

Seller: Landmark 24 Homes of Savannah

Buyer: Sean McNab

Price: $217,900

Location: Autumn’s Wood

Seller: Edmund Napp

Buyer: Paul Turk

Price: $800,000

Location: Ebb Tide

Seller: Charles McDaniel

Buyer: Susan Shade

Price: $655,000

Location: St. Simons Island Club

Seller: Cortney Smith

Buyer: James Gregory

Price: $145,000

Location: Sandalwood

Seller: Thomas Davis

Buyer: Johnathen Evans

Price: $108,000

Location: Cypress Run

Seller: William Johnson

Buyer: Speight Properties

Price: $900,000

Location: Sea Point Lodge

Seller: Rigdon Retreat LLC

Buyer: Sea Island Acquisitions

Price: $1,350,000

Location: Sea Island Resorts

Seller: Kirt Rothe

Buyer: Steven McMains

Price: $340,000

Location: Oak Grove Island Plantation

Seller: Michael Jackson

Buyer: Michael Cross

Price: $202,000

Location: Water Crest

Seller: Fredna Stancil

Buyer: Daniel Penn

Price: $845,000

Location: Jones Creek Landing

Seller: Gary Colberg

Buyer: LR Brown

Price: $130,000

Location: Brockington South

Seller: Tara Lake INC

Buyer: Vickie Reed

Price: $395,000

Location: Demere Landing

Seller: Joseph Yap

Buyer: Risi Enterprise

Price: $55,000

Location: Bay Tree Cottages

Seller: Lawrence Weiner

Buyer: Dina Deason

Price: $190,000

Location: Skiff Landing

Seller: McMillian Family Limited Partners

Buyer: Adelaide Lopez

Price: $42,000

Location: Hampton Plantation

Seller: Cynthia Merrell

Buyer: Charles McMullen

Price: $30,000

Location: Town Commons

Seller: Ernie Herrin

Buyer: Katherine Duffell

Price: $117,000

Location: Windsor Park

Seller: Christina Curran

Buyer: Andrew Shealy Jr.

Price: $164,800

Location: River Ridge

Seller: William Hamilton Jr.

Buyer: Amanda Harknness

Price: $143,500

Location: Gascoigne

Seller: Miller Real Estate LLC

Buyer: Colin Kopsky

Price: $275,000

Location: North End

Seller: Danielle Lee

Buyer: Graham Hill

Price: $137,500

Location: Bridgewater

Seller: Dorothy McClain

Buyer: James Douglas Jr.

Price: $3,200,000

Location: Sea Island

Seller: Edwin Mayo

Buyer: Deanna Carter

Price: $37,500

Location: Hampton Plantation

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